Writing in Paris, Inspired by Original Impulse

writing poster by Cynthia Morris, Original Impulse

writing poster by Cynthia Morris, Original Impulse

‘Writing brings our truth to light. Writing crafts a prayer. Writing helps us remember.’

These words of wisdom and many more on the inspirational poster above are the work of Cynthia Morris, artist, creator and coach behind Original Impulse. Among her amazing array of creative activities, this kindred Paris spirit offers her well-loved ‘Capture the Wow’ workshops in the city we both adore.

‘Writing makes our gratitude visible.’ Thank you, Original Impulse. I’m grateful to you for your client work and for the personal example you set for everyone pursuing their creative dreams.

A toast to The Bold Soul

Today would have been the 11th anniversary of the first post on The Bold Soul, the much-loved blog authored by Lisa Taylor Huff.

Since Lisa’s untimely death last July, I’ve missed her online voice, missed her writing about her life in Paris and what she and her husband Georges were doing here.

One year ago, in the midst of undergoing cancer treatment, Lisa managed to acknowledge her blog’s 10th anniversary and, in her generous way, to thank her readers.

Cheers and thanks to you, Lisa and happy 11th blogiversary. We miss you.

Clive arrives

It’s been a productive writing week in Paris. Now I’m ready to get out and about with a certain British gentleman who arrives tomorrow and possibly with a couple of overseas visitors as well.

Champagne will be involved.

Clive in a Paris cafe

Clive in a Paris café

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Paris.

2 Responses

  1. What a sweet post, Carolyn! A great way to honor the people who are alongside you on this creative writing adventure. Have a blast with Clive in Paris!

  2. Thanks so much, Cynthia! Look forward to our paths crossing here sometime 🙂

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