Mr Ship Tracker’s Discharge Day

Cloudy but the sun’s coming out: Tree by the sea Friday 21 August 2020

Happy Friday from Felixstowe.

Mr Ship Tracker has had a challenging week in hospital, but as always he maintained his strong, positive attitude. I had a good visit with him yesterday, and this morning we received the happy news that later today, he will be discharged. He’ll need to take it easy for a while and have a follow-up test or two in due course. We’re both over the moon he’ll be home before the weekend.

Who knows, he may even spot a ship or two from the balcony – though probably not this evening because gale-force winds are swirling around today.

We both thank you for your many kind comments, messages and prayers and are indebted to our local friends for their loving support. More to follow.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe and well and tickety-boo,
xxxx with love from us to you

4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad he will be be home with you! I’ve had him on my mind and have been sending healing thoughts across the pond to him and to you. What a year this has been for you two! Hang in there and tickety-boo!

    • Merci beaucoup, Peggy! We appreciate each and every healing thought. Same back to you and Jim and may you both be tickety-boo 🙂 xxxx

  2. Wonderful news!
    Prayers for daily strength for you both.

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