A Post-Hospital Shipping Report

Tree by the sea (noticeably more autumnal) and container ship Vaga Maersk (by Clive) Wednesday 26 August 2020

Midweek greetings from Felixstowe.

Mr Ship Tracker is slowly recovering from last week’s hospital stay. He’s had a few difficult days but is gradually regaining his strength, and we’re thankful he’s able to recover at home.

This evening, for the first time since Mr ST was discharged, he said he spotted a ship and was going to photograph it. I felt this warranted a special, good-news post.

He reports: After a few wild and windy days, at 7:30pm tonight, the weather situation in Felixstowe could be best described as ‘calm’. I decided to stand on the balcony for a few minutes to gulp in some sea air. Unexpectedly, I was greeted by an incoming ship which was too difficult to ignore. Container Ship Vaga Maersk is arriving from Bremerhaven, Germany. She is a modest 200 metres in length and was built just a year ago in 2019. Over and out.

Thank you, Mr ST and thank you, friends near and far for your kind comments and support. We will keep you informed about Mr ST’s progress.

Take care everyone and stay safe and well and tickety-boo,
xxxx with love from us to you

4 Responses

  1. Great to hear from you both. Good to know that Clive is on the road to recovery..

    Onward by all means

  2. Wishing continued healing for you both! 2020 has been a tough year, but is bound to get better now!

    • Merci Peggy — not as tough as some, we know and we are thankful for many blessings. Take care and enjoy those apéros! xx

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