Isolating in England: Day 147, Two for the Price of One Together with Same Day Delivery

Tree by the sea and container ships MSC Regulus and Maersk Kotka (by Clive), Monday 17 August 2020

Happy Monday from Suffolk. We hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

Today the sun shone, beachgoers and walkers returned to the seafront and Mr Ship Tracker caught a lovely moment from the balcony.

Mr ST reports: ‘After a relatively quiet weekend for shipping movements in and out of Felixstowe Port, the pace picked up this morning. The morning provided a rare event for us and for the tree by the sea. I nicknamed it a ‘Two for the Price of One Together with Same Day Delivery’ meeting almost opposite the Tree by the Sea. As Carolyn watched the vessels getting closer, she uttered an ‘Eek’ as she was waiting for what looked like a collision [note from me: I know it’s an optical illusion but the ships’ two front points really did look like they were going to touch]. The ships safely avoided each other.

‘On the left of the photo (top of post) is Container Ship MSC Regulus heading to Felixstowe from Sines, Portugal. She was built in 2012 and her length is 366 metres. On the right is Container Ship Maersk Kotka heading to Antwerp, Belgium. As I write this, she has already arrived at her destination. She was built in 1996 and is 318 Metres long.’

After enjoying the criss-crossing ships, we had a rather quiet day. An afternoon Iceland delivery – in bags, yay — took about one minute, thanks to the competent (and friendly) delivery woman. She noticed we had an amazon package waiting and brought that up, too. Wow! The day’s activity concluded with my 41-minute physio walkabout. Mr ST is still resting at home, bless him.

Whatever season you’re in, we wish you a happy and sunny week ahead.

Monday beach and blooms (photo Visit Felixstowe)

Take care everyone and stay safe and well and tickety-boo,
xxxx with love from us to you

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