Isolating in England: Day 144, Comings and Goings

Tree by the sea and container ship Maersk Kingston (by Clive), Friday 14 August 2020

Happy Friday from Felixstowe. We hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start.

Last night’s rain lasted only a few minutes, but we still live in hope. The cooler temperatures are lovely and of course excellent for going on a daily physio walkabout. This evening we increased our time out to 40 minutes, and weather permitting will do the first of our daily 45-minute strolls over the weekend.

Today’s UK news is full of stories of British travellers rushing back from France. They’re coming home, or trying to, before the latest quarantine – announced last evening — begins at 4am tomorrow morning. The Eurostar trains sold out today. Everyone coming into the UK from France, the Netherlands and several other countries must isolate for 14 days. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, seems to have spoken wise words several weeks ago when she said, ‘I wouldn’t be going on any foreign trips right now.’ She also said, ‘Keep the heid,’ (Day 117) meaning stay calm and don’t lose our heads. That, too, still seems like good advice.

For today’s tree by the sea photo, Mr Ship Tracker reports: ‘Having missed nearly all of last night’s rain, the off-shore haze maintained its presence off the coast of Felixstowe today. It also turned out to be a quiet day in terms of shipping movements. Patience was rewarded at about 6:30pm when tug activity suggested movement was imminent. The Container Ship Maersk Kingston decided to wind in her mooring ropes and depart for Bremerhaven, Germany. She was built in 2003 and is 304 metres in length. The clearer photo is a still from the HHA camera and the other photo (top of post) was taken approximately 12 minutes later as she passed the tree by the sea.’

Thank you as always to Mr ST. I did notice an impressive level of multi-tasking on his part for today’s photos. While monitoring tug movements, subsequent movement of the ship in the harbour and then its arrival at the tree by the sea and dealing with some paperwork on his desk, he also managed to watch the late stages of a snooker (Day 72) world championship semi-final. Keep up the great work, Mr ST!

Container ship Maersk Kingston at the exit of the Port of Felixstowe (still image from HHA camera), Friday 14 August 2020

Take care everyone and stay safe and well and tickety-boo and #KeeptheHeid,
xxxx with love from us to you

6 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your delightful stories. I must say I will miss the shipping news. I love to imagine being on board and traveling to the far reaches of the earth. It may be because I worked for an airline for 25 years..a heavy case of wanderlust!
    Good for you keeping up with your PT. Soon you’ll be skipping down the lane. Or better yet, covering the cobblestones of Paris. Hoping to be on that side of the pond sooner rather than later!
    Stay well, and mask up!

    • Pat, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it (and Mr Ship Tracker will, too!) — sounds like a definite case of wanderlust 🙂 I look forward to skipping … and good luck with your plans to be on this side of the Pond soon. Merci! x

  2. Hi C& glad to find that the daily physio walks are increasing in time, and perhaps doing even more tomorrow..congratulations on this accomplishment! Only 6 more days left till the end of your daily postings. I will miss them as they have been a daily dose of life in the UK for me. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end..Have a good day tomorrow and if you get any rain, please send some our way, just west of Boston😉

    • Martha, thank you and sadly no rain to send over! Tomorrow? We still live in hope 🙂 Take care and I always appreciate your comments. xx love to you and John

  3. Our retired British friends, several couples worth, who arrived at their French second homes only a few weeks ago are all staying in France as far as I can tell. And our teacher neighbours, who are not Brits, but work in the UK, don’t seem to have gone home. One of my British friends legged it home yesterday. A French friend who works in the UK is simply working from home here and keeping a low profile.

    • Interesting to hear, Susan and I’m not surprised — if we were there I’d just want to stay on, too. Makes so much sense. From the reports we saw, the people coming back all had work responsibilities, or at least one of the spouses did, or they couldn’t afford for the family to stay indefinitely at a campsite or gite etc. I can’t wait for the day we can ‘hop over’ and back without too much ado (and a knee that likes steps, too!).

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