Isolating in England: Day 146, All Quiet on the Felixstowe Coast

Felixstowe’s old police station on High Road West (photo Ipswich Star/Gregg Brown)

Sunday greetings from Felixstowe, where we seem to be waiting in vain for rain, or for more than five minutes of it.

We apologise for the lack of shipping news, but the weather’s been murky and Mr Ship Tracker and I both had another quiet day. I managed an evening parking-lot physio stroll but encouraged Mr ST not to worry about monitoring container ships when he needed to rest. Tomorrow’s another day, and the weather forecast is better, too.

In today’s local news, two of the main stories centred on conversion of Felixstowe’s old police station (top photo) to a new restaurant/café, shop and flats, and construction by national UK/Ireland chain JD Wetherspoon of a new, two-storey pub in the town centre.

The police station, built in the 1930s, has been vacant for several years, since the officers moved across the street to join the fire service in a new base. The building has a lot of character, and we hope the new plans reflect that.

Meanwhile, after rejecting previous submissions and addressing various community concerns, the Felixstowe Town Council approved Wetherspoon’s plan. They’ll build their pub with a terrace and a beer garden in Great Eastern Square, next to the town’s Victorian-era rail station which now houses an East of England Coop and other shops. Apparently one of the reasons the new design was approved is that the arched windows reflect the character of the station.

Approved design for new pub in Felixstowe on Hamilton Road (photo Ipswich Star/JD Wetherspoon/KDPA)

A local councillor said the investments ‘signal a forward-looking confidence in the Felixstowe economy, providing employment opportunities … at a time of significant economic uncertainty.’ Whether, or when, the plans come to fruition, it’s nice to see indications people are looking beyond these challenging coronavirus times to a more positive future.

May we keep our optimism and our faith, and may everyone stay safe and well and tickety-boo.

Take care everyone,
xxxx with love from us to you

6 Responses

  1. I hope a little rest will reinvigorate both you and Mr Shiptracker. We each need to preserve the strength we have. Be well! And tickety-boo!

  2. I jolly well hope not a single local goes to the new Wetherspoons. The plans look ghastly and the business has behaved appallingly in the last few years, first with regard to Brexit and secondly over Covid19. Sacking all its workers at the first possible moment in lockdown! They are not a modern thinking business and should be encouraged to go away, taking their nasty attitudes with them.

    • It’s been so controversial for those and other reasons. I do wish a lovely local restaurant or business had tried to step in and redo the site instead.

  3. I love the look of the former police station and also hope it retains its reminds me of the British police series “ Foyle’s War” my favorite of all time…In contrast, I have to agree in part with Susan Walter (above). I don’t know a thing about this company, but those pointy gables are truly a horror.

    Hope you both are feeling better soon.

    • Thanks Martha! We also love ‘Foyle’s War’ – it really is a wonderful series. As for the ‘other topic’ — you can see why it’s been controversial. I’m hoping there’s a positive outcome but there’s still a long way to go!

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