Isolating in England: Day 141, Almost Invisible

Tree by the sea and container ship Maersk Gairloch (by Clive), Tuesday 11 August 2020

Tuesday hello from Felixstowe, where we’re expecting one more day of heat, haze and 30C/86F before the temperature drops.

Today in the UK, Scotland’s schools reopened for the first time in five months. England is currently planning to follow suit in September. We greatly admire all the teachers, families and staff who are working so hard to make everything safe and successful at this difficult time.

Due to the heat, Mr Ship Tracker and I had a slow day, with an evening stroll to snail-mail a card and give my knee a pavement walkabout. On Thursday, during a video consultation with the physio at Ipswich Hospital, I’ll find out if I need to do more or different exercises to keep progressing.

Mr ST did a superb job of spotting several container ships in today’s haze. I couldn’t find most of them until he pointed to their exact position. He reports: ‘The off-shore heat haze was even more ‘hazy’ than it has been for the last few days. Consequently, the Container Ship Maersk Gairloch was almost invisible as she approached the Port of Felixstowe. I took a photo anyway (top of post) and rather than give Specsavers extra business, I have placed an arrow on the photo, pointing approximately to the centre of her hull. She was built in 2003 and is 290 metres in length. Her previous port of call was Bremerhaven, Germany and there is no truth in the rumour that her next destination will be the Bermuda Triangle.

‘I thought I would also provide a photo of her as she travels up towards a wider and quieter part of the river. She is just in shot on the left of the photo (below) and still has two tugs attached. Just out of shot, the tugs will turn her around 180 degrees and escort her back down river. They will then complete a series of ballet moves as they gently ease her into her berth. It might take a bit of imagination to visualise this but give it a go.’

Container ship Maersk Gairloch in the Port of Felixstowe (still image from HHA camera)

May our vision be clear, even if the visibility is hazy. May school re-openings be safe and successful for everyone involved. And may all of you stay safe and well and tickety-boo.

Take care everyone,
xxxx with love from us to you

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