Isolating in England: Day 140, A Friend and a Bench

Waving to Mr Ship Tracker from the tree by the sea

Monday greetings from Felixstowe.

The seaside warmth continues (forecast 29C/84F tomorrow), as does the off-shore haze, and the breeze is a blessing. Today the Ipswich Star reported Suffolk is currently ranked 125th-lowest of England’s 150 local areas for coronavirus infection rates. Keep up the good work, Suffolk!

This afternoon I was graced by a visit and lovely bench-chat with a friend I hadn’t seen since early March. Whoo hoo!! C currently lives north of Felixstowe but was in town with her husband to do an errand or two. He kindly found a separate place to read for an hour or so, while C and I caught up in person.

We wore masks the entire time, which felt right sitting on the bench (none of the people who passed by fairly close to us wore them; masks are not mandated outside). It also felt strange initially, to converse for more than a few minutes while wearing a mask, but I quickly got used to it. The reward was C’s always-appreciated wit and intelligence, not to mention our talks of family, France, writing and books. What could be better! Thank you, C, for making the time to stop by. I look forward to the day we can resume our bistro lunches.

Tree by the sea and container ship CSCL Star (by Clive), Monday 10 August 2020

Container ship CSCL Star entering the Port of Felixstowe (still image from HHA camera)

For today’s tree by the sea photos, Mr Ship Tracker reports: This morning, the heat haze made its presence felt for both arriving and departing ships. Arriving mid-morning was the Container Ship CSCL Star (above photos) from Zeebrugge, Belgium. Built in 2011, its length is 366 metres. Once it reached the port entrance, it had waved goodbye to the haze and was happy to pose for the HHA camera.

An hour or so later, the Container Ship MSC Maureen was departing for Bremerhaven, Germany. It was built in 2003 and has a length of 300 metres. The heat haze was waiting off-shore.

Container ship MSC Maureen departing the Port of Felixstowe (still image from HHA camera)

Container ship MSC Maureen (by Clive), Monday 10 August 2020

May we treasure our friends, near and far. May we stay cool, or warm, depending on our hemisphere. And may everyone stay safe and well and tickety-boo.

Take care everyone,
xxxx with love from us to you

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