Isolating in England: Day 139, In and Out of the Mist

Candidate for Mr Ship Tracker’s ‘Impressionist photo’ of the year award: Container ship Navios Indigo (by Clive), Sunday 9 August 2020

Sunday evening greetings from Suffolk. The sun continues to shine and beachgoers are basking in the summer temps. Felixstowe is set for 31C/88F over the next few days, before thunderstorms break the heat.

This coming week, I’ll reach the 6-week/halfway point in my current 12-week knee rehab program. Thanks as ever for the hope and inspiration from so many of you who have been through your own recoveries. You told me healing takes time. I’m grateful my knee is getting stronger and surer, though it still has a way to go. One step – if mainly around a flat public parking lot at the moment – at a time.

Mr Juggler and I enjoyed another slow-paced day. Mr J was up until the wee hours for his usual viewing of the Aussie live-stream church service which his son’s family also watches, and we appreciated our morning live-stream service from Felixstowe’s Bethesda Baptist Church. Our evening was highlighted by Formula 1 (Mr J) and a US-based writing webinar (me, with thanks to Beth and Bill of Juncture Workshops).

As we head into the final 10 days or so of these daily posts (last day is planned for Day 150), I’ve been thinking about some of the unexpected blessings of lockdown, at least for us. I’ll try to summarise in a future post, but one blessing has been the ability to view and participate in services and workshops created brand-new and/or made available online for the first time. Thanks to all the leaders whose preparation and hard work make these sessions so worthwhile.

For today’s tree by the sea photo, Mr Ship Tracker reports: Today’s ongoing off-shore heat haze provided quite a challenge when it comes to photographing incoming and outgoing ships. I took photos of four different ships and any one of them would have qualified for ‘Impressionist photo’ of the year. I bet you didn’t know there was such an award. There wasn’t until tonight. Rejected photos included the following: JSP Mistral, OOCL Kobe, CMA CGM Nerval and Anna G.

In the ‘impressionist’ photo at the top of this post, the Navios Indigo is departing Felixstowe for Rotterdam. Built in 2007, its length is 261 metres. The last photo was taken at 7:00pm tonight and was by far the most recognisable as a container ship. Container Ship MSC Katrina is arriving from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She was built in 2012 and is 366 metres in length.

Container ship MSC Katrina (by Clive), Sunday 9 August 2020

Take care everyone, and stay safe and well and tickety-boo,
xxxx with love from us to you

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