Bonne Année from Paris

Madame Eiffel in the mist

Bonne année 2020 from Paris!

I wanted a beautiful photo of Madame Eiffel this evening, to celebrate the new year *and* my recent completion of the first draft of my Paris-themed memoir. There must be a metaphor with the above photo, about life’s path not always being clear and our best-laid plans veering off-course and the ultimate beauty that lies around us.

Have you ever had a heart connection to a place, even from the other side of the world? It took me 20 years from my first visit — and a few little detours — to get a key to the City of Light. One of my 2020 goals is to shape this manuscript into a book.

A completed first draft. Whew!

Avec tous nos vœux de bonheur et une très belle nouvelle année, with Clive’s and my wishes for happiness and a beautiful new year for all.

6 Responses

  1. Happy New Year to you and Clive! Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! What an achievement! May 2020 usher in publication, success and unmeasurable happiness!

  2. Thank you Peggy! Much appreciated and all good wishes for health and happiness to you and Jim xx

  3. Completing a first draft is a wonderful and praiseworthy achievement especially when you have been toiling over it for some time. Now comes the most important part of writing–revision. Happy New Year to both you and Clive!

  4. Happy New Year. Wow! A fully formed first draft is really an achievement.

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