Happy Birthday to Mr Original

Clive on his birthday, in Felixstowe

10 November 2019

Happy birthday to Mr Original, resident music man and technology, DIY and spreadsheet guru, the guy who makes me smile even when I don’t always get his (self-labelled) warped sense of humour, who never fails to sing a cheerful tune, who faces his challenges with courage and strength and the world’s greatest attitude to living every day and who chose to spend his birthday with just me and a stroll in sunny Felixstowe: my hero, the one and only Clive.

A great way to start the day: Skype with (most of) the family in Australia

Some of you have seen this post on Facebook but I wanted to share it on my blog as well (if a bit late). Thank you to all who sent Clive birthday wishes via email, snail mail, FB and in person.

Watching the ships come into Felixstowe on Clive’s birthday

Cheers to my wonderful husband and may we celebrate many more birthdays together, wherever we may be.

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