October in Paris: Furniture Moving via Japanese Landscapes at Musée Guimet

Musée Guimet, Paris

Clive and I are back in Paris for a few days, my favourite month (well, in Paris they’re really *all* my favourite) in my favourite city. This week we’re primarily here to accomplish a few necessary tasks in the apartment, to ready it for some serious painting and repair work later this month.

On our way in from Gare du Nord this afternoon, we managed to make it to the last two hours of the last day of the exhibit Paysages japoniais, de Hokusai à Hasui (Japanese Landscapes, from Hokusai to Hasui) at Musée Guimet, a museum that houses vast permanent collections and wonderful temporary exhibitions of Asian art.

If only this exhibit had been extended, for even a short time! I would have returned multiple times, to soak up the delicate, incredible beauty of the works on display. But that’s always the thing about Paris: infinite riches on offer and never enough time to see and do everything.

Paysages japonais at Musée Guimet

Ethereal artwork at Musée Guimet

Last hours of the exhibit, Musée Guimet

We weren’t the only ones taking in the exhibit in its final hours. I tried not to get frustrated by the number of people in front of each work and kept saying to Clive, ‘It’s okay, I’m definitely going to buy the catalogue.’ (This is something I don’t often do, though during the heat wave in June, I splurged for the catalogue of the Pissarro in Éragny, Nature Regained exhibit at the Musée Luxembourg.)

Book for the Japanese Landscapes exhibit, Musee Guimet, Paris

We started to fade and just before the closing time, I stepped into the always-enticing boutique (gift shop) for a browse.

There, along with all the other final-day exhibit-goers, I was greeted by a big sign that said the catalogue/book was completely sold out and would not be reprinted by the publisher.

Sooooooo disappointing! We all exchanged mournful looks and milled around picking up the odd postcard or fridge magnet, far from the envisioned experience of reading and learning and absorbing the artists’ works. I’m thankful we can hold in our minds and hearts the landscape images we were fortunate to see today

Clive likes the ones with people in them – some with humorous body language or facial expressions

I love the moon

While waiting for a bus to complete our journey from Felixstowe, we glimpsed the Eiffel Tower through the trees. Another great work of art, to be sure.

Glimpse of Eiffel Tower from the bus stop, Paris

Bonjour, Paris. As ever, I’m overjoyed to see you.

I’m not sure I’ll post again this week, but hope to do so if we have a few moments in between measuring small spaces and moving furniture around.

Cheers from Paris and thanks for reading.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the photos of those paintings. They are so graceful. Have a good time prepping for your next project and don’t overdo!

    • Thanks Martha and you are too smart! We had a productive day today though Clive gets most of the credit (and has most of the physical strength!). Hope all is well with you and John xx

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