Grounded: Feet on the Footpath in Felixstowe

View from the footpath, Felixstowe

Days of driving around my mom’s area of New Jersey, compounded by the disorienting effects of jet lag, left Clive and me feeling the need to get grounded — literally, to feel earth instead of pavement beneath our feet.

Our walk began by a group of beach huts, many now open as the owners air them out and prepare for summer by the sea.

Beach huts, Felixstowe

We strolled to the estuary of the River Deben, before turning inland.

Following Clive by the River Deben estuary, Felixstowe Ferry

Felixstowe’s scenery as always lifted my spirits as we traversed public footpaths across fields and meadows. Our feet and bodies became nicely-grounded (‘It’s so great to be doing this!’) and, after several hours, quite sore (‘Perhaps we chose a rather long walk for our first one back.’).

Buttercups and feet on the footpath, Felixstowe

Clive’s Fitbit recorded 24,500+ steps up and down and around. He paused to say hello to this lovely creature.

Stopping to say hello, Falkenham near Felixstowe

As for me, no Fitbit but ever-growing awareness that we had indeed taken many steps. I still marvel at the blessing of living in a town and country where walking is so much a part of the culture and public footpaths welcome all.

Public footpath through a farmer’s field, Felixstowe

All being well, we’re happy to remain on the ground and away from airports for a while. Cheers and happy walking or however you enjoy being outside.

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