Thoughts on Air Travel — Wearying but Worth It

1 LHR.jpg

Heathrow airport yesterday, London

The UK is home for me and Clive, for reasons of choice, necessity and compromise.

Family is also important to us, which means – as regular readers of this blog are aware – air travel is an unavoidable part of our life.

More and more, we’re finding air travel to be an endurance test. This is no doubt due in part to having made three long-haul trips in the past three months, in part to age and in part to airports’ and airlines’ ever-lengthening procedures for screening and security.

0 Globe

There is much we can do to make air travel as painless as possible, which I’ve shared in my Passion for Travel  series, especially packing as light as we can, following our pre and post-trip checklists and managing jet lag.

There is also much about air travel we cannot control — delays (like the time it took us 42 hours from Sydney to Paris – via Beijing – but that’s another story), the weather, seasonal crowds and the behaviour of other travellers.

The reward, of course, comes at journey’s end. We give thanks for safe arrival and joyfully reunite with loved ones.

Yesterday we deplaned in the US, savoured our first evening and this morning with my son and belle-fille (a beautiful French term and my beautiful daughter-in-law) and then drove north to be with my mother. This week we’ll spend time together and help celebrate her 93rd birthday.

We try to keep calm and carry on. Our motto remains, ‘Travel while we can.’

0 dd csb 1

Thankful to have this time with my mom

Cheers, thanks for reading and happy travels.

If your trip involves air travel, you have our great empathy and best wishes for a start-to-finish smooth journey.

4 Responses

  1. 93 already?? Seems like you and your mother just celebrated her birthday. Your travels seem to agree with you, you’ll ok great. Thanks for sharing. Love Lynda

    • Thanks Lynda! My mom is the one who taught me ‘the older you get, the faster time goes’ 🙂 which is definitely true.

      You know what it’s like when your immediately family is overseas … hope you and they are all well x

  2. Enjoy your visit to the USA and give your mother a smooch from her old neighbor on Gilbert Rd. Tell her Happy Birthday from us.

  3. Thank you Martha – will do!

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