Pacing, Presidential primaries and Paris planning

Winter afternoon, Felixstowe

Winter afternoon, Felixstowe

We continue to work on pacing ourselves, during each day and with respect to our 2016 travels.

I’m happy to say that although Clive is still hobbling a little, his footsteps aren’t quite so faltering this week. His ankle is gradually improving, thanks to ibuprofen gel, ice (a bag of frozen corn, to be accurate) elevation and rest – particularly having a break from all those snow-covered footpaths and parking lots and long walks through train stations and airports.

It’s been great catching up with friends (happy birthday, Ferd!) and activities (love those Orwell writers). And though we’re not planning any long walks yet, we’re looking forward to a Sunday outing for Valentine’s Day.

US Elections

I’ve also been gazing back across the Pond, especially since we spent two weeks in the U.S. in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses and this week read and watched reports from the New Hampshire primary.

Along with our friends and acquaintances here, we watch the process and players with a mix of astonishment, amusement, horror, disbelief, fascination and interest. Fortunately on UK news it’s but one story among many other world events. It helps me that in almost every news report, whether print, online or on TV, seasoned reporters and so-called experts all seem to agree this year’s activities are truly unprecedented and unpredictable.

Planning for Paris

My plan beginning mid-next week is to be writing in Paris. The first week will be a private writing retreat, followed by Clive’s arrival and some ‘just us’ time.

We’re also excited about a weekend with two very special young people whose identity will remain a surprise until final plans are confirmed. (It’s not any of our children and unfortunately a third very special person is too far away to join them this time). T&T, know that C&C are so looking forward to sharing some of ‘our’ Paris with you.

Winter evening at Place de la Concorde, Paris

Winter evening at Place de la Concorde, Paris

Wishing everyone a good week ahead with just-right pacing and not too many election shenanigans.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Paris.

2 Responses

  1. I think the election “shenanigans” have just begun, and there will be a good many more surprises in the weeks and months to come until the election. No doubt this is not a typical election cycle in the United States, but I think it shows the tremendous frustration of the American electorate as well as the genuine and very deep divisions in what the role of the federal government should be.It is nearly as bad at the state level because in my state, Pennsylvania, we still do not have a budget passed for 2015 (due by June 30 of last year) and the state governor had to present this year’s budget request earlier this week.

    I read with interest the twitter link you provided a few days ago, although I think what is most concerning about the state of this country is people’s unwillingness to invest in the needs of the community: infrastructure repairs such as roads, bridges, water systems, sewer systems, electric grids. Not very sexy, but upgrades are needed everywhere in the country and they just aren’t happening. Lack of respect for one’s community breeds lack of respect for one’s neighbors–whatever their skin color or faith. In short, I shudder at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.

  2. Eleanor, thanks for your comment. Interesting about the federal vs. state perspective too – issues at every level, for sure.

    Cheers and we will continue to follow these election/primary events!

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