February Focus: Felixstowe and Faltering Footsteps … and Paris

February evening in Felixstowe

February evening in Felixstowe

This year, the month of February falls between visits to our families in the USA (January) and Australia (March/April).

Felixstowe: Coming Home

February in Felixstowe

February in Felixstowe

We’ve been home in Felixstowe for less than three days, so still getting over jet lag and progressing through the coming-home checklist.

Our 2016 goal of pacing ourselves has become more important than ever, since Clive stoically has been hobbling around with a sprained ankle for several weeks.

Faltering Footsteps

The first sprain occurred last December. It seemed to heal, but after a long walk in early January, there was a relapse. Given the amount of walking one does when travelling, we debated whether Clive should make the trip to the U.S. He insisted he would be okay and he was indeed able to get around, albeit limping more often than not.

We spent a total of 14 nights away (including one in-flight), an intense trip in many ways but I’m thankful for the time with my son and belle-fille in Washington DC and my mother and family, including my son’s wonderful in-laws, in New Jersey.

Now that we’re home, Clive has seen the doctor and received treatment advice, including instructions to rest his ankle as much as possible.

Paris in Mind

In a couple weeks, I’ll be heading to Paris, for a private writing retreat during which time I plan to finish a challenging chapter of my Paris-based memoir. A week after that, Clive will join me and we’ll have a few ‘just us’ days there. I’m looking forward to the time in Paris the way I imagine a desert explorer looks forward to a long drink of water.

Then it will be time to prepare for Australia.


March/April Down Under

Although departure isn’t until mid-March, we’ll be away for 31 nights (including three in-flight) and Clive has been busy organising many different dates, accommodations and travel arrangements to see his daughter and son and family. More on this trip when the time gets closer.

Focus on February

For now, I’m just trying to keep focus on February, to remain present and mindful as we catch up with appointments, friends and activities and enjoy Felixstowe’s special setting by the sea.

And I hope and pray Clive’s ankle will heal without further pain or intervention, so he can fully enjoy our upcoming travels.

Our tree by the sea the day we arrived home

Our tree by the sea the day we arrived home

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

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