Marvelous to Mundane: Ten Reasons You Know You’re Back to Reality after a Trip

October at a farm shop near Felixstowe

October at a farm shop near Felixstowe

Reality has been slamming us in the face after the excitement of my son and belle-fille’s wedding and its lovely afterglow.

Despite my best efforts to calmly complete my coming-home checklist, after a week back home in the UK it still seems everywhere I look I’m reminded we’re not in wedding-land any more:

  1. Living space not yet neat and tidy with everything put away.
  2. Jet lag, combined with extra weariness after such emotional times in the U.S., affecting our ability to be as productive as we’d like. On our first day home, I donned my nightgown at 1pm and didn’t get out of it until 5pm the next evening. I’m now getting dressed in the morning.
  3. Paper piles still high on the desk – gradually getting lower.
  4. Some emails still awaiting responses.
  5. Hand-written to-do list not yet caught up.
  6. Various items from the USA still scattered around loungeroom (living room) & dining room and a few items awaiting attention on the bedroom floor. Stuff on the floor drives me particularly crazy so these are a current priority.
  7. Issue with incorrect hotel charges to Aussie family’s credit cards taking inordinate amount of time to sort out — something I think should be simple and quick.
  8. Issue with one of my mother’s financial transactions taking an inordinate amount of time to process – something else I believe should be simple and quick.
  9. Frustration over #7 and #8 resulted in my sending multiple uncharacteristically-negative emails to people, bringing my own spirits down in the process. Got upset with myself for sending negative emails (justified as I felt my frustrations were and are), so followed up today with nicer ones – though still waiting for both issues to be resolved.
  10. Still need to clear my camera and make time to edit/purge photos copied each evening to my laptop.

On the positive side …

* We’ve caught up on the most important appointments, outings including our church’s 100-year celebration lunch and get-togethers with friends.

* Countless loads of trip laundry are *finally* done.

* Three of four suitcases are stored where they belong.

* Today I took my gown to the dry cleaners, a full week after arriving home but at least it’s there.

* My mother, son and belle-fille and our US and Aussie families are all back to their normal routines and doing well.

* Several important appointments on this side of the Pond have also gone well.

* I love October, we had lunch at a farm shop near Felixstowe (see photo at top of post) and our tree by the sea is showing hints of autumn colour.

Our tree by the sea, 20 October 2015

Our tree by the sea, 20 October 2015

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

2 Responses

  1. Five reasons that you are further ahead in the “oh it’s good to be home syndrome” than you think you are . . .

    1. You took the time to get your photos off your camera and onto your computer each day. There are those who don’t do that and as a result must deal with a hopeless amount of data.

    2. Nightgowns are “at-home” wear, and how long one lolls around in comfy clothes is never relevant. I speak from great experience in this matter especially when it is time for me to start doing grades.

    3. Writing bad news messages is never easy, but apparently you followed up with a more positive message that perhaps will motivate your reader to solve the problem for you, and eliminate further messages of any kind.

    4. You and Clive have apparently managed to engage in several fun as well as important events, and found time to appreciate fall in the northern hemisphere.

    5. Nicely organized and well written lists. Good headings. Sigh! If only my students would write half as well.


  2. Thank you, Eleanor, for your list! It is very kind and lifted my spirits 🙂

    Cheers and hope all is well with you.

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