Pre-Wedding Movements & Musings

G and C graphic Gary & Caitlin

Little more than two weeks remain until my son and his fiancée’s wedding in the U.S. While many important stories dominate the global news, my heart and mind have been focused very much on this upcoming event.

Yesterday the parents of the best man, my son’s closest friend from their school days in Sydney, arrived in New York City, current home of the best man. Last evening Clive’s son and family also arrived in the U.S. from Australia, though they landed in Orlando for some Disney adventures before traveling to New Jersey. We’re eager to get to the U.S. side of the Atlantic ourselves and will arrive there mid-next week.

Once in New Jersey, we’ll spend a few days with my mother in the area where I grew up. Then we’ll head south to a different hotel for the following week, to be closer to wedding events and greet family and friends who arrive before the big day.

For some weeks now, Clive and I have been busy supporting the Felixstowe/UK economy (including London shopping days). We think we finally have everything — my dresses and jackets, Clive’s dinner suit (tux) and dress shirt, various shoes and other wedding-wardrobe essentials.

It seemed for some days that Clive might have been shirtless; one dress shirt needed alterations but the tailor ‘had an emergency’ and another men’s shop made a mistake about the ‘backup’ shirt they ordered. After several stressful days of back-and-forth conversations, the tailor’s boss doing the work on one shirt himself and the other men’s shop delivering the backup shirt to Felixstowe overnight, all is well and Clive will have a proper shirt under his dinner jacket.

Over the years, we’ve made every effort to pack light and minimise our luggage to one backpack/shoulder bag and one carry-on each. However special occasions warrant special measures and we realised we also each need a checked suitcase to accommodate everything. So another local purchase was made.

As the mother of the bride has eloquently stated and I fully agree, the wedding is one day and the most important thing is the marriage that follows. Yet we all naturally hope and pray for a wonderful, blessed time for these two young people we love so much, who will soon be united in marriage, surrounded by family and friends who have loved and supported them throughout their lives. We’re looking forward to a beautiful celebration in honour of Caitlin and Gary.

October sunrise, Felixstowe 2014

October sunrise, Felixstowe 2014

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from New Jersey.

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