London Shopping Days

Coffee break + bookshop = heaven

Coffee break + bookshop = heaven

It seems that being the mother and step-dad of the groom-to-be requires a few more clothing items than Clive and I happened to have on hand.

We went to London twice in the past week, heading for several shops we’d seen before and a few new ones. Usually neither of us enjoys shopping and trekking around large, crowded stores – we’d rather be out walking or seeing an exhibit or a show – but this special occasion deserves special efforts.

Our first stop was Jermyn Street, whose history dates back to 1664 and where today are located many men’s clothing shops. Clive had some good luck browsing and has since followed up with an online order from home.

My best location was St. Christopher’s Place, a lovely pedestrianised area of small shops. (Thank you, Debbie, for showing it to me when you lived here!) I had good luck there and carried my purchases home on the train.

Of course in the midst of all our walking around we managed a few pauses for coffee, tea and lunch. One of the reasons we spread ourselves over two days was so we could take our time and not feel the need to run around non-stop trying to squeeze everything into one day.

Best coffee spot: Waterstones Piccadilly bookshop, which runs through to Jermyn Street. If you enter via Jermyn Street, head right up the curving stairs and you can enjoy your cappuccino with a view out to the street or inside to bookshop. Peaceful and heavenly. There’s also the main café on the lower ground floor which has very tasty sandwiches.

Favourite lunch spot: La Fromagerie on Moxon St, just off Marylebone High Street, with a cheese and produce shop on one side and a café on the other, offering breads, cheeses and charcuteries, soups and salads and more. Also a great spot for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

As for the dress I’m wearing to the wedding itself, I looked around London earlier this year and then in several shops closer to us, finally returning to the very first place I’d gone into, a small dress shop right here in Felixstowe (thank you, Laura and Andrea for your original suggestion!). And there I found ‘the dress’, less than two blocks from where we live.

We’ll defer photos until after the nuptial events. In the meantime, I’m just thankful most of the shopping is done.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

2 Responses

  1. I love it that the dress comes from two blocks from your home — in addition to all this shopping! I know Gary will be proud of his elegant mom and step-dad when the big day arrives!

  2. Kim, thank you for your sweet comment! I too love it that the dress is from a local shop, and we’ve tried to make as many purchases as possible from other local places.

    Hope all is well in Paris! Cheers and see you in a few months I hope. xx

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