Letter from Felixstowe: Peace of the Sea

Tree by the sea, 25 June 2015

Tree by the sea, 25 June 2015

After the excitement of last week’s surprise, it’s been a peaceful week by the sea.

Our tree by the sea has fully bloomed into its summer finery and is now surrounded by flowers and greenery planted last February.

Tree by the sea, Feb. 2015

Tree by the sea, Feb. 2015

It’s a sobering time with so many tragic and distressing events in world news these days, and like everyone else, Clive and I have our share of personal and family challenges. This week it’s been a blessing to catch our breath, spend time with old and new friends, and be thankful to live near a lovely coastline, where we can look out at the sea. Something about its movement and depth, the coming in and going out of the tides and its ever-changing moods and beauty always seem to inspire and soothe the soul.

2015 Fx Boof Festival booklet

This coming weekend is the third annual Felixstowe Book Festival, a wonderful two-day array of author talks, writer workshops and all sorts of reading-related programs children, families, and anyone who loves to read. Monday we head north for a few days, to explore some UK history and catch up with one of Clive’s oldest friends.

Wishing everyone a peaceful week(s) ahead, wherever you may be.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from York, England.

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