Letter from Washington DC: Planes and Trains and Daily Hugs

AA travel CJR graphic

In London yesterday morning, we awoke to news headlines which included ‘a U.S. train derailment’.

By the time we arrived in the airline lounge at Heathrow, reports informed us the accident had happened on Amtrak’s northeast corridor, specifically on the route from Washington DC to New York City – a journey millions take each year, and one we have tickets for in a few days’ time.

Once again I can’t help thinking about the randomness of tragedy. My heart hurts for the people who were going about their lives and lost their lives, for those who were injured and all the families and friends thrown into shock and trauma and mourning.

So this week I’m reminding myself once more to appreciate the simple yet monumental blessing of each day, to live life with thankfulness and hug my loved ones often.

It’s nice to do extra hugging when visiting my son and his fiancée and seeing some of my dearest friends, I must admit.

With my son last evening

With my son last evening

Wishing everyone the blessings of daily life.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from New Jersey (though whether we get there by train, plane or car is still to be determined).

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