Letter from Felixstowe: Sydney Sensations

Morning sun on the Opera House, Sydney

Morning sun on the Opera House, Sydney

The streets of Paris suddenly seem far away, at least in the near term, as we turn our attention to our upcoming visit to Australia.

A week from today we’ll be en route to Sydney — not quite on the plane, but heading toward a night flight to Singapore and from there down to the magical Harbour city.

Clive’s son and family live about an hour north of Sydney; his daughter about an hour south. The purpose of our trip is to spend time with them, but we’ll start and end with a few days at Manly Beach, a short walk from our former home. Sydney and its Northern Beaches area is where Clive and I both lived and worked for many years, and as long as we’re travelling such a long way, we’re looking forward to seeing our closest Aussie friends and I hope to have coffee with a couple of my dear ‘girlfriends’.

As much as we try to pace ourselves on these kinds of trips, it’s always difficult to find the right balance of seeing everyone you want to see and doing everything you want to do but not running around to the point of wearing everyone (OK, ourselves) out. We’ll be moving around a lot – 4 locations and 24 nights, 11 of them near Clive’s three grandchildren — and more than anything we’re simply looking forward to being with loved ones and having in-person time together.

Autumn in Australia began on March 1st; the country will be on Daylight Savings Time until April 5th so we’ll ‘fall back’ there as hours of daylight decrease. Sydney’s climate isn’t perfect but I’ve always felt it comes close, with mild temperatures and gorgeous sunshine year-round. I’m convinced the beatific climate is a major contributor to the Aussies’ sunny outlook and relaxed, friendly culture.

I have so many memories in Sydney and am looking forward to creating a few new ones with special people in the next few weeks.

Clive with his grandchildren in Felixstowe last September

Clive with his grandchildren in Felixstowe last September

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from London Heathrow before departure to the land Down Under.

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