Letter from Felixstowe: Anticipation

AA CSB and G

With my son near Washington, D.C.

 Thanks to everyone who commented or sent helpful emails in response to last week’s post. It’s heartbreaking that Alzheimer’s disease affects so many individuals and families around the world.

This week has mostly centred on anticipation of my son’s arrival for a long weekend with us in the UK. It seems only yesterday I was juggling personal life with work and teleconferences and business trips. Suddenly (or so it seems) roles are reversed. Now he’s the one with the busy personal and professional life while I eagerly await his arrival.

I feel close to my mother at times like this; from what she said over the years, I know she felt similar emotions when she knew I was on my way to see her in New Jersey.

The days will pass quickly with my son and I’ll treasure every minute. As my mom often said, ‘It doesn’t matter what we do. It’ll just great to be together.’

And as Tom Jones sometimes says on The Voice UK: ‘Yeah!’

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

2 Responses

  1. Carolyn,

    Enjoy your time with him…is he just bopping over from the U.S.?


  2. MarthaB, thanks — had a great time and yes, was blessed that he came over from the U.S. to see us 🙂

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