Letter from Felixstowe: Jet Lag Jambalaya – Breaking the Rules

Jet lag - a stew of sensations

Jet lag – a stew of sensations

My original ‘Jet Lag Jambalaya’ post contains recommendations on how to handle the effects of long-distance east-west or west-east travel. My suggestions are based on years of personal experience with long-haul travel for various family and work reasons

I’m afraid to say, however, that this week I’ve broken all my own rules. Yesterday, when we arrived home in the UK, I did not try to stay awake. I did not ‘eat when the locals do’ at lunchtime or go out for a walk in natural light.

I stood under a hot shower, soaked my aching muscles, turned on our electric blanket, crawled into bed at 1pm, and slept until 9:30pm. Clive, who stayed awake most of the day, made us cups of tea and then it was time for both of us to sleep. I had one more cup of tea at 3am, watched a few minutes of BBC news and went right back to sleep.


After our activity-filled days in the U.S. we didn’t leave the apartment today. The weather’s grey and drizzly so we haven’t even stepped onto the balcony. We did manage dinner at the usual time, a step on the path back to normality.

Tomorrow we’ll face the real world again. I know I’m blessed to have had a day simply to be a hermit, even if I’m not following my own jet lag advice. Lesson learned: sometimes it’s okay, even essential, to listen to one’s body and go with the flow.

Wherever you may be, I wish you a peaceful night’s sleep.


Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

5 Responses

  1. Like you say Carolyn .it just has to be done. I haven’t travelled as much as you and especially not by plane or the distance ..I would be shattered ,I am sure . You don’t have to go out the minute you get home ..I bet your glad you broke your own rules this time . x

  2. Welcome back and glad you had a good journey home

  3. Thank you annieparis! Yes there’s nothing more blessed than NOT having to hit the ground running (or get up at the crack of dawn for work the next day) when one arrives home:)

    Cheers and happy travels.

  4. Hi Carolyn. Glad you have a good trip to U.S and you recovering back in Felixstowe from your travels. Looking forward to catching up with you at the weekend

  5. Hi Simon and thanks for your comment 🙂 It’s good to be back & we look forward to catching up soon!

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