Letter from Felixstowe: Creative Endeavours & U.S. Elections

After Monday's rain – November sunset, Felixstowe

After Monday’s rain – November sunset, Felixstowe

Our dear little doggy friend M is still with us. Thanks to her owners’ faithful care, she’s making some progress with lifesaving medication that’s helping her to keep comfortable and enjoy her days.

Clive’s working on his latest DIY project: building a new kitchen cabinet – yay! I’m working on my Paris memoir – also yay! How wonderful is it, when you can get back into a creative activity you love?

In the midst of our projects, we watched various news reports and election coverage from the U.S. Suffice it to say that at least from a distance, the process – the length, the money spent, the vitriol of the ads, the apparent powerlessness of the President within the ‘balance of power’ construct — does not always portray my country of origin in the best light.

The process is nowhere near perfect in Australia or the UK either, of course, though it seems to me to run much more effectively. Mostly I felt thankful the U.S. elections would be over before we arrive there for Thanksgiving. We leave in about ten days for a couple days in London followed by time in New Jersey and Connecticut.

In the week ahead, we’ll celebrate Clive’s birthday, first with friends the day before and then hoping for a nice day on the actual date, so we can head out somewhere new in Suffolk for a walk and exploration.

We’re past the point of giving each other a lot of things for our birthdays, but now that I think of it. I better wrap the few little pressies I have for him soon!

The week ahead- birthday boy last month with one of his grandsons in Paris

The week ahead- birthday boy with one of his grandsons in Paris

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn , another great post and so great to read. I cannot keep up with you and Clive and your travels , how do you do it ? I know your answer I think ” we just do ” 🙂 ,

    Your reference to the not showing USA in the best light , !! There are worst countries I know but the UK is not much better , in fact it is going down hill fast ,, but hey ho, I live here and that is it .

    So as I scroll down your post , I see you and Clive are off to the USA , omg , but Happy birthday to Clive if it miss it , take care , safe travels too , love from Oxfordshire , xoxo

  2. Hi Anne and thanks for your comment! We love living in the UK — and yes, we just do make time to travel elsewhere to see family & friends. We’ve always said our philosophy is to do it while we can:)

    Take care and thanks for your bday wishes to Clive.

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