Letter from Felixstowe: A Weird Week & a Dear Dog

A walk on the Prom, Felixstowe

A walk on the Prom, Felixstowe

I wanted to write a coherent post but it’s been a weird week.

Clive and I are still getting our heads above water after recent months of travel and family visits. This past week had been a strange mix of pleasant activity – most notably, a lovely day spent walking in Felixstowe’s seaside sunshine – combined with routine appointments and several urgent medical concerns.

Us and our shadows -- walking in Felixstowe

Us and our shadows — walking in Felixstowe

I know I’m not alone in having close friends and loved ones facing life-and-death health issues. These are all on my mind each day, whether here in Felixstowe or across an ocean.

We’ve also been conscious this week of the fragile situation of a very dear dog ‘M’ and her loving owners, close friends whom we love very much. Clive and I are not dog people, but since moving to the UK in early 2011, we’ve developed a deep fondness and affection for ‘M’, who has brought her owners and others great joy. Her health is extremely fragile at the moment and her family is doing everything possible to give her the best care and quality of life for as long as possible.

We wish we could do more for our friends than just look on with empathy and great concern. They are doing a magnificent job juggling their own lives and having special times with beautiful ‘M’.

Photo from late last year – love these three & praying for all of them this week

Photo from late last year – love these three & praying for all of them this week

Cheers and thanks for reading. Next week’s letter will be from Felixstowe.

6 Responses

  1. Carolyn,

    Please tell your friends and Ms. M that they are in my thoughts as they face the journey ahead. I’ve been there too, and understand.

  2. Thank you, Martha – that is the nicest comment!

    Appreciate your thoughts and understanding and know our friends will too.

    I remember your mom/family cocker spaniels too – Clarabelle and later wonderful little Barney 🙂 – I think they were both that breed. xx

  3. Carolyn,

    THank you for your kind remarks about Clarabelle, and Barney…they were pretty awesome dogs. Mother since had Rambo, a Silky, and Tug, a kitty. Our dog Luther, an x racing Greyhound live to over 16, and passed peacefully at home with the help of his vet. We miss him still after 5 years. please tell your friends, I am sending warm thoughts and comfy smooches for them and their dog M.

  4. Thank you Martha! My mom loved Barney and Rambo 🙂

  5. Yes she was the only dog we had! a mutt – mother beagle & father French poodle (or vice-versa) – Mom’s loving companion. Cheers.

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