Time Passages: Up and Down the Generations

with my two guys, Washington, D.C.

with my two guys, Washington, D.C.

Our current visit to the US has presented me with a clear view of time passing and my place in the middle generation.

In Washington, D.C., we spent wonderful days with my 20-something son and his girlfriend — both hard-working, successful young adults, their lives full of aspirations, hope, and promise.

Lunch with the 20-somethings, Washington, D.C.

Lunch with the 20-somethings, Washington, D.C.

We also spent a memorable evening with two of my closest college friends. Forty years ago, we met as teenagers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When we get together now, our chatter is a non-stop mix of memories blended with current life and future plans.

40 years later, still having fun

40 years later, still having fun

Now Clive and I are in New Jersey, to visit my mom and help celebrate her 89th birthday later this week.  She and her 92 year-old ‘special friend’ have both led long lives filled with joy and sorrow. They have abundant memories to share, perhaps a subject for another post. They still find happiness in daily life and in having special events to look forward to.

My mother often mentions a mathematical perspective someone once told her about why time seems to pass faster each year:  When you’re 5 years old, a year is 1/5th of your life. When you’re 80, a year is only 1/80th of your life.

As a math major, I like this explanation. Whatever the reason time seems to pass faster every year, I’m grateful for my memories and my hopes for the future, as I look up and down the generations.

with my mother and son, New Jersey 2012

with my mother and son, New Jersey 2012

Cheers for now and more soon.

7 Responses

  1. Gee, I hope I look that good when I get to 89 (if I do!). Unfortunately I don’t have the generation above any more.

  2. Your blog is always an important way to keep tabs on one of the special people in my life. I am so delighted you could take time to play with your “friends of long standing” (NOT old) for an evening. As we have discussed, traveling home doesn’t always allow for anything beyond the immediate family needs. Our dinner together meant a lot, and I look forward to more time with you, when it’s available. In the meantime, have a good visit with your mom and give my love to Dottie! And keep a bit for yourself.

  3. Rosemary, thanks for your kind comment about my mom 🙂 Mary, love ‘friends of long standing’ – perfect term! I too look forward to the next time.

  4. What lovely looking people, both inside and out!

  5. Carol,

    Your mother looks wonderful. I hope she is doing well and enjoying every day. Please give her my best when you have the chance.

    Martha from 50 Gilbert

  6. At last, having a chance to catch up on some posts. Our Internet was out at home for about two weeks, and I don’t have WordPress on my phone, yet.

    So wonderful to travel to see friends and loved ones. This post warms my heart, as yours always do, Carolyn.

    Hugs from Denver! ♥♥♥

  7. Sincere thanks, Paris Paul, Martha, and Karin! I appreciate your kind comments. My mom is indeed doing well and I am thankful.

    Cheers and wishing you happy summer in France and the US.

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