A Dark Outlook? New Façade at our Paris Café

Our Paris local with new facade

Our Paris local with new facade

What a surprise on our last morning in Paris.

We closed down the apartment, donned our backpacks, and made our way to the Métro. And there it was: our little café, netting removed, scaffolding being disassembled, and showing off a new — dark! — façade.

I snapped a few photos as we passed by. How I wish I could record progress in the weeks ahead, but we’re back in the UK, now looking forward to an upcoming trip Down Under to spend time with our Aussie family there.

We’ll just have to wait until our next visit to Paris, and hope once again to enjoy a kir at our Paris local. What’s happening inside is still a mystery.

Disassembling the scaffolding reveals the new dark facade at our Paris café

Disassembling the scaffolding reveals the new dark facade at our Paris café

Cheers for now and more soon.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn & Clive,

    This will give you something to look forward to :). Perhaps a lovely coming home surprise awaits you inside.
    Safe & happy travels.

  2. Hi, enjoy your visit to Australia! It’ll be wonderful to know your Paris café has not disappeared for your next visit to Paris. Who knows, we might finally be able to catch up!

  3. I’m so curious to see what it will be like when you return! There are a lot of make-overs (“re-lookings” in French) of this kind going on around town! I saw photos of a place near my old home that had gone through a transformation, too (I think I commented on it here, maybe? Or somewhere…).

    Safe travels to you and Clive.
    Hugs from Denver,

  4. xpat92, thanks for your travel wishes. We do look forward to seeing what’s inside this cafe when we return 🙂

    Rosemary, we’re looking forward to Australia too and yes, next trip hope we can catch up!

    Karin, so true about make-overs — everywhere, really — change is the only constant, as the saying goes. We’re so curious, too, about this particular transformation.

    Cheers all and thanks for your comments.

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