Out in Paris — Sunshine and People

Luxembourg Palace and Garden, Paris

Luxembourg Palace and Garden, Paris

Today’s combination of weekend and sunshine seemed to lure Parisians outside all over the city.

Blue skies over the Eiffel Tower made it a great day for climbing (or taking the lift) to the top, or enjoying a Bateau Mouche ride on the Seine.

Eiffel Tower and the Seine, Paris

Eiffel Tower and the Seine, Paris

In the central areas of the city, we found ourselves surrounded everywhere by hordes of smiling walkers, shoppers, and café-goers. Getting together with friends B&D in Montparnasse made us smile, too.  

Cafe terrace Montparnasse, Paris

Cafe terrace Montparnasse, Paris

The Luxembourg Garden was as crowded as we’ve ever seen it, with all chairs occupied — facing the sun, of course — and the grand bassin dotted with children’s sailboats.

Children's sailboats in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris

Children’s sailboats in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris

The quais and bridges of the Seine were equally packed, as pedestrians of all ages moved at a relaxed pace. From what we could tell, the entire city was making the best of a beautiful day.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

We’re thankful for today and hope the lovely weather continues, to welcome our UK friends D&J when they arrive in Paris next week.

Cheers for now and more soon.

5 Responses

  1. Ahhhhhh! Spring in Paris. It is always so welcome after a dreary winter. We’re having a blizzard in Colorado, lol. We’ll get our own spring soon.


  2. Hi Karin! Spring in Paris is definitely a treat. Hope you enjoy the Colorado snow and I’m sure spring will be gorgeous there too.

    Cheers and stay warm!

  3. Hi C&C,
    Awesome! Knowing how much you enjoy Paris each time that you return. The colors in your outdoot shots are “jolies”.

    Be well and do stay in touch!


  4. xpat92, thank you and wasn’t it just a fabulous sunny day!?!

    We do indeed enjoy our time here. Appreciate your kind words about the photos — as you ar a ‘pro’ and we always enjoy yours.

    Cheers and all the best.

  5. […] seemed out of place to me, perhaps because Saturday — was it only three days ago? — was so wonderfully warm. Read […]

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