No Hope of a Kir at Our Paris Local

Our Paris local 22 Jan 2013

Our Paris local 22 Jan 2013

This afternoon we arrived in Paris to discover our local café is still undergoing renovations. No hope of a welcoming wave, comfortable table for two, or relaxing kir to celebrate our return.

As it happened this evening, we passed by the café at the same time the white-haired owner and his son stood between the scaffold-netting and floor-to-ceiling café windows and chatted animatedly with a small group of men — the project manager or builders, we imagined — perhaps reviewing the day’s work and discussing plans for tomorrow.

Clive noted that from the second floor and above, residents are still there, so the renovations seem to be within the former café’s space of ground floor and first floor.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be enjoying a kir or anything else there in the next couple weeks, so will have to wait until our next visit.

I was really heartened to see the owner and his son. Their presence made me feel that if they’re still on-site and involved in what’s happening, maybe this tiny piece of Paris real estate that’s become rather precious to me will remain a café going forward. At the moment, the property is totally gutted on the inside, so we have no idea whether this will be the case or not.

Behind the netting: our Paris local 05 March 2013

Behind the netting: our Paris local 05 March 2013

Cheers for now and more soon.

8 Responses

  1. How sad ,but as you say heartening to see the owner and his son, still on site .. I wonder what is going on ?? Hopefully next time you are in Paris , you will be able to share with us and with a KIR!!! xx

  2. Those green and gray barricades bring back so many memories…enjoy Paris!

  3. I just found out today a café/brasserie near us in Jaurès was renovated this past December — gutted out and totally re-done. I saw a pic of it on an Instagram post from a woman I follow at that site, the antipodean parisienne. It is the Le Cadran Bleu. It used to have a really groovy 70s retro thing going on, but I can see that would not be so attractive to the hipster crowd who want more of what is going on in and around Gambetta and Oberkampf. *sigh* Change is the only constant. I imagine if I ever go back to Paris, while much will be static (as it has for at least a century in so many places), there will be massive changes, too.

    Hope you eventually get that kir, and in your neighborhood spot, next time you visit.


  4. Hi,
    You are back! That is dissapointing for you not to have your fav café spot. Maybe the next trip over your pateience will be rewarded :).
    Let me know if you are free.

  5. Hi Carolyn, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Enjoy your time in Paris. Sorry I won’t be seeing you.

  6. Annie, thanks and we hope next time to celebrate with a kir! Anne, yes these barricades do seem quintessentially Parisian 🙂

    Karin, I’m sure you will return to Paris, and agree ‘change is the only constant’ – so very true. Barb, maybe next time, for sure! RosemaryK — it is indeed interesting to watch and wonder how it will all turn out … and hope our paths cross next time.

    Cheers all.

  7. Carolyn: Just finished Cara Black’s Murder in Passy. I am sure you would enjoy it for the neighborhood references (and of course the action!)

  8. Anne, thank you — have read it and did enjoy the references 🙂 Aimee is much tougher than I am though … fun to read.

    Really appreciate your thinking of me – thanks again.

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