A Snowy Walk in Paris

Eiffel Tower & Champs de Mars shrouded in snow

Eiffel Tower & Champs de Mars shrouded in snow

Snow fell on Paris again this morning. Yesterday we sloshed about in the remains of Friday night’s dusting, but today’s snow seems to be sticking.

Clive donned his new ear-flap hat  and I my fuzzy boots, and off we went. At Trocadéro, Ben Franklin watched over his corner, ‘green with cold,’ says Clive. The Eiffel Tower, as shown in the photo above, was barely visible.

Ben Franklin, green with cold, Paris

Ben Franklin, green with cold, Paris

At La Muette, traffic moved with rare caution so Clive did not do his usual ‘I will stride onto this pedestrian crossing and make you slow down even though you are speeding towards me trying to intimidate me and my wife is trying to pull my arm out of its socket by holding me back’ routine with Paris drivers.

[Just for the record, and to my great relief, the drivers actually do stop when Clive does this — albeit sometimes they accompany braking with a less than friendly hand gesture. Clive is mastering the gallic shrug and says, ‘It’s a pedestrian crossing.’ At my urging, he’s read many articles and book chapters about Parisian drivers not respecting this, but these tales seem only to intensify his determination not to be cowed by them.]

La Muette, Paris

La Muette, Paris

In the Ranelagh Gardens, children frolicked in the snow, dogs led their humans around, and we marvelled at the contrast to when we were here last spring.

As much as we’re enjoying the particular magic of Paris in the snow, we’re also monitoring weather reports from the UK, hoping our travel home later this week isn’t affected. Then again, I don’t think I’d ever mind being stranded in Paris.

In les Jardins du Ranelagh, Paris

In les Jardins du Ranelagh, Paris

10 Responses

  1. I love seeing Paris in the snow! I also confess I like seeing Paris in the snow in photos while I am sitting in bed with multiple blankets on me, toasty warm, lol.

    There is a certain charm to walking around snowy Paris, dressed warmly, though. Only the truly adventurous go out in it on a day like a Saturday (or those who have to work). Not many people are around, and there is a certain peacefulness that comes over Paris in the snow.

    Enjoy. Hope you have safe travels back to England!

  2. Looks like we are getting equal doses in London and Paris… Enjoy… xv

  3. I so enjoy your pictures on your blog as well as the ones that you post via Twitter. I believe I will need Clive’s hat this week walking on campus: a high of 14F on Tuesday in central PA. The remainder of the week is forecast to be the same. Gosh!

  4. Hi C&C,
    So happy yo see your enjoyment of the snow, excepting for unyielding drivers. I have a less courageous technique than Clive; mine is just caution. I do remember to thank the yielding ones with a wave or my mouthing of “Merci”. 🙂 I do have those who yield; Thank Goodness…

    Take care 🙂

  5. KarinP, so true about the peacefulness that accompanies the snow. Today brought the day-after slush! Vicki, enjoyed your London photos! Eleanor, glad you’re enjoying these glimpses — it’s been a special experience to be here during these apparently rare Paris snow days. xpat92, like you I’m cautious, *especially* when it comes to Paris drivers!

    Cheers all and keep warm.

  6. The important thing is to look the driver straight in the eye. Then he’ll stop. He’s also more likely to stop if he has a red light ahead (I’ve been driving around with a Frenchman for many years now!). If you have your foot on the road, they have to stop. If you don’t, they figure you’re not ready to cross!
    Loving the snow too.

  7. Aussie in France, that’s great advice – thank you! Clive has often said ‘I looked right at him’ which I consider quite brave 🙂 It appears this is indeed the right thing to do — especially since you have direct experience with your Frenchman.


  8. There’s nothing like Paris in the snow! I couldn’t resist going out in it, and I posted about a walk I took through Montmartre on my blog. It was surprising just how much the Parisians were enjoying it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. French Frye, welcome and thanks for your comment.

    Wasn’t it magical in the Paris snow! Glad you also took a walk in it 🙂 Agree it was really fun to see how much everyone loved it.

    Cheers and thanks for visiting.

  10. […] the weather thwarts our plans than venture outside for a walk in the quartier? We last enjoyed a snowy walk in January, which seemed appropriate then. The 12th of March isn’t that late but still, […]

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