Guest Loo Renovation, Part 2

The dunny's nearly done

Felixstowe Suffolk UK

Renovation of our guest loo continues, thanks to Clive and some assistance from local tradesmen.

As a reminder, our ‘before’ loo was covered floor-to-ceiling with salmon-coloured tiles, which Clive pulled off. It also contained a salmon-coloured toilet and sink.

The guest loo - Before

My prior post, Part 1, shows removal of the ancient fixtures and the newly-plastered walls.

Since then, after a couple trips to the tip, Clive has been busy working. I try to be a helpful assistant and a not-too-annoying photographer.

NOTE:  I normally don’t post this many photos. Since this is a work in progress, I thought each of the 14 steps deserved a photo.

1.  With the hanging lightbulb keeping his head warm, Clive painted the ceiling first — which to me always makes a room of any size look instantly better.

Painting the ceiling while dodging the hanging lightbulb

2.  We drove to the only timber yard for miles around that has the skirting boards (baseboards) we wanted and have used in other rooms. Clive first cut them to size, then painted them.

Cutting the skirting boards

3.  I was eager to see how they’d look so he placed them in position. Naturally I had to take a photo as I thought they looked great.

New skirting boards

4.  Painting began. I captured the painter at work on the undercoat

Painting the undercoat

5.  When the undercoat was finished, all memories of salmon had disappeared in the fresh, light room.

Undercoat done

6.  We had chosen what we thought was an extremely pale lavender colour for the walls. After the first coat, we thought it was way too stark, almost-white, and would have made the small space too institutional-looking. Off we went to the paint shop for a slightly darker colour.

Painting, Round 2

7.  I really liked this one, as I love the colour but have never had a room painted in it.

New colour - a soft lavender

8.  Clive fixed the skirting boards to the newly-painted walls, then patched and painted the screw holes.

Fixing the skirting boards

9. I love the way the skirting boards look with the lavender walls, even before a proper floor was put down.

Skirting boards complete

10.  Then it was time to resume ‘Happy FM’ aka Clive’s music selection which our tradesmen seem to enjoy (a continuous 80’s selection this time — didn’t the 80’s have great music!). The plumber returned and installed the new white toilet and sink.

New toilet and glimpse of sink

11. Here’s a close-up of the sink and tap we selected. There were hundreds to choose from and we were happy finally to find a simple one we liked.

Guest loo sink and tap

12. Once the pipes and plumbing were connected, I had fun repeatedly demonstrating the soft-closing toilet seat. This surely must be one of the greatest inventions ever (along with soft-closing kitchen drawers).

All connected

13. The last step for this post: we replaced the former beige-salmon carpet with a floor we like much better, again to the tunes of Happy FM.

No more carpet or cold cement - new floor

14.  Finally, in the midst of the guest loo project, we’re trying as always not to let renovations dominate our daily lives. We recently enjoyed our first covering of snow in Felixstowe, complete with bracing walks, get-togethers with family and friends, and general ooh-ing and aah-ing over our first snowfall in the 13 months we’ve been in England.

Snow from our kitchen window

Still to go: boxing-in pipes; a cabinet and shelf beneath and beside the sink; light fitting for the ceiling; a small cabinet over the sink; a slim-line heater; maybe a light curtain for the window (instead of replacing it – it’s fine except for its dark brown, hard-to-paint metallic trim); and the final ‘little’ things such as towel rail, toilet-roll holder, and maybe a small print for the wall.

How can one small room require so much STUFF? In one way, it seems endless, but in another, we’re pleased with the progress and results so far and believe it will eventually all be worth it.

We’re heading to London on our way to the U.S. so will be taking a short break from the guest loo project. Part 3 when we return! In the meantime, planning for our new study is also well underway.

Happy Valentine's Day

Cheers for now and Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Responses

  1. It looks really nice, and the wall color is very needs that in the loo!

    Have a good trip to the US.


  2. Thanks, Martha! Clive is tickled you’re using the term ‘loo’ 🙂

    Cheers and more from NJ soon.

  3. Enjoying following your projects as we have just finished our own renovation. 🙂

  4. Clive looks terribly impressive, wielding paint brushes and other tools! The new loo is shaping up nicely – good work. Keep us posted……..

  5. LindyLouMac, thanks for your comment! I’m sure your renovations in Italy were much more extensive 🙂 Congratulations on finishing!

    Mary, delighted to ‘see’ you and Clive is indeed impressive with all the work he’s doing. Will keep you posted and appreciate your comment.


  6. Sorry, as an American I really can’t use the term, “loo” – well, I could but it feels strange, so I’ll just have to say that your guest bathroom looks wonderful! Selecting the right color can be one of the hardest parts of decorating but that lovely lavender looks much better than the original salmon!

    80s music – I love it and it always makes the work go much faster.

    Safe travels!

  7. Love the renovations, job well done, looks great. x

  8. I think there’s a line in one of Victoria Wood’s comedy songs that goes – “at a boozy do, she can find the loo and that’s very handy, so they say….”
    Not just handy – but VERY smart !
    Well done 🙂

  9. It’s looking good!

  10. Mary Kay, you make me smile! I am OK using ‘loo’ (definitely the British influence, I think) but still have *major* issues using the T-word. (For more information on that, see Clive’s guest post ‘Nowhere to Go’ )

    Anne, hi there and thanks for the kind words!

    John, what a cute song — I agree it’s smart to know where the loo/T-word is to be found!

    Linda, thank you and happy renovating!


  11. Me again as I just had to reply to your comment on Travel Tales but not able to as you have no reply set 😦

    It is indeed a small world, Wengen holds a very special place in our family’s hearts and my husband has been going there since he was a small boy, he is 62 this year! We have stayed at the Falken a good few times 🙂

  12. Hi again LindyLouMac! Sorry about the reply feature on your blog – not sure how that happened but here’s to Wengen, such a beautiful place on the planet 🙂 — and maybe a great destination to reward ourselves after our respective renovations!


  13. Oh lala!! What a great re-do on that bathroom! I adore watching transformations like this. I was a huge sucker for DIY networks in the US. Could spend HOURS watching shows where they do stuff just like this. Thank you for all the photos! I really enjoyed it! (Truly. Was like watching one of those shows!)

  14. Hi there Paris Karin! Thanks for that – glad you enjoyed the ‘show’. That’s great you enjoyed watching those U.S. DIY rograms 🙂

    Cheers and take care – hope our paths cross again in Paris!

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