Our Very Own Bradshaw’s British Railway Handbook

Bradshaw's Railway Handbook

Felixstowe Suffolk UK

In today’s post, we received our copy of Bradshaw’s Descriptive Railway Hand-Book of Great Britain and Ireland, a facsimile of the Victorian guide by George Bradshaw, originally published in 1863.

Clive and I recently discovered and immediately became addicted to Series 3 of the BBC television travel series ‘Great British Railway Journeys’, presented by Michael Portillo, a former British Cabinet minister and the only man I’ve ever thought looks great in a pink jacket (not that I’ve seen that many men in pink jackets).

By a pleasant coincidence, in the first week of this series, Portillo travelled to our new home town of  Felixstowe as part of his journey in Suffolk.

'agriculture on the most improved principles' = Bradshaw on Suffolk

We’ve enjoyed the program no matter where Michael Portillo goes. The mix of scenery, history, and comparison to modern times is enthralling. We can’t wait to watch DVDs of Series 1 and 2.

In the meantime, Series 3 continues and we can peruse our lovely new guide. According to a recent article in the Oxford Times, the reprint jumped to number 6 on the amazon UK bestseller list as a result of the television series.

I have an uneasy relationship with my Kindle, but that’s a subject for a separate post. Today I’ll just say that for all the reading I do electronically, I still adore physical books.

Paging through Bradshaw's Railway Handbook

Cheers for now and more soon.

10 Responses

  1. I adore these kinds of personal posts! It’s nice to get a glimpse inside your worlds and the book looks very cool!

  2. I hope the rail series comes to the USA soon. That’s just the kind of program John and I love to watch. And speaking of addictions, we are very much hooked on another British export “Downton Abbey”; but I suppose that’s not news to you.

    I am very glad that you are posting a bit more frequently than before with all sorts of interesting observations; thanks!

  3. I’ve got to admit that even though I’m Kindle convert, there are still books that I prefer to hold in my hand.

    And BBC – how I miss it now that we don’t have it anymore, although I guess that we could order DVDs of our favorite series from Amazon.

  4. Will expect to meet you on the Bodmin and Wenford preserved line soon then ?
    Happy travels

  5. Paul, thank you and the book is definitely cool 🙂

    MarthaB, hello — yes I’m sure you and your hubby would love this program! Meanwhile Clive and I must be the only people I know who have *not* seen Downton Abbey but we have just acquired Series 1 and plan to watch the first few episodes soon!

    Mary Kay, I’d miss these BBC programs, too — and also still love holding some (many) paper books in my hand.

    John – that Cornwall railway looks wonderful! Maybe we will try it and (and meet you and Elizabeth on board!). Thanks for the link.

    Cheers all and happy travels.

  6. It is a great series we watched some recently while staying with friends in Suffolk!

  7. I’m with Mary Kay — I have a new Kindle and I love, love, love the ability to read so many things but only carry one slim “volume” in my purse. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, like a beautiful book. And some books I just have to read and highlight/mark-up/dog-ear into well-loved, tangible thing!

    Your new volume looks wonderful. 🙂

  8. LindyLou, greetings and thanks for visiting! How great you recently visited Suffolk 🙂 and glad you saw this great program. Not sure if BBC shows this particular program in Italy but it’s really excellent.

    ParisKarin, the Kindle has its advantages but as you say there are some books we just have to have in physical form!

    Cheers and thanks for your comments.

  9. Hi Carolyn and Clive,
    It has been a long time since I have made a reply!

    Dave and I are delighted to find the Great British Railway Journeys on You Tube, one is able to go from one episode to another. Such a delightful presentation, with wonderful views of Britain! Therfore anyone can experience the wonders of train travel!!

    I even ordered the book and the 1907 map from Amazon UK for Dave’s birthday, book arrived yesterday, therefore we spent the evening following along. It is interesting how so many towns had telegraph station, even in those days!!

    Our mail will come later in the day, hoping the postman will deliver the map and we can follow along with more ease.

    Thanks so… much posting

    Take care and safe travels!!

  10. Mary, thanks so much for your comment and we’re thrilled you and Dave are able to watch this great series *and* have the Bradshaw guide as well!

    Good on ya, and what a brilliant idea to order the map, too! A belated happy birthday to Dave and hope you both continue to enjoy the British railway journeys 🙂

    Cheers and happy train-travels, virtual or otherwise!

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