One Year in Felixstowe

Evening sky over the North Sea, Felixstowe

Felixstowe Suffolk UK

On January 4, 2011, I arrived in Felixstowe with Clive, my partner of five years and husband of five weeks, to make this beautiful part of the world our home.

That morning, we awoke in Paris, completed final closing-down tasks in the apartment, and headed for the Eurostar. As much as I always feel sad leaving Paris, we were both excited about moving to Felixstowe.

It’s been a heck of a year  and seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. With respect to time, my mother always said, ‘The older you get, the faster it goes.’ How right she was.

For our first evening in Felixstowe, dear friends had invited us to dinner at their home. To mark today’s milestone, we’re taking them for a meal at a new (to us) Suffolk pub, one they’ve enjoyed before. Maybe next January 4 we’ll have them in our renovated kitchen / dining room!

We feel very lucky to be here and appreciate everyone who makes Felixstowe and Suffolk such a wonderful place to live.

Felixstowe, December 2011

Cheers for now and more soon.

11 Responses

  1. An important milestone! Good luck with the renovations.

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary of your move! I’ve been following you last few posts thinking I would get back to leave a comment, but have felt too poorly to get much done.

    I couldn’t let this one go by. I’m so glad you’ve settled in so happily.

    Any chance we can might have a look at the renovations as they happen?

  3. Thank you, Fraussie and Elizabeth.

    Maybe I will post a few photos of our ongoing renovations — currently working on the guest loo!


  4. Happy New Year and congratulations on your one year anniversary in Felixstowe! The colors in the photo of the evening sky over the North Sea are gorgeous. Sigh – I miss big bodies of water.

  5. Mary Kay, hi and thanks for your comment! I totally understand what you mean — you are so lucky to be in Paris but I too appreciate the big bodies of water!


  6. I am stunned that it’s been a whole year already! I never would have guessed. Congratulations! And yes, it would be fun to see renovations!

  7. Thanks, Kim B. — I will have to take some photos of the SALMON-coloured guest loo fixtures before we rip them out …

    Cheers and hope to see you in Paris this year!

  8. Beautiful shot. It seems we have different skies!

  9. Thanks Paul! Always love your photos of Paris skies.

  10. Beautiful photos and congratulations! Looking forward to seeing renovations!

  11. Leslie, welcome and thanks for your comment! It’s great to ‘meet’ you and I look forward to exploring your blog as well. I’ll try to share some of our renoavation journey!

    Take care and cheers.

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