Happiness Is a New Bed (and a Mattress to Go with It)

Before - airbed and moving boxes

Fourteen months after giving away our bed in Sydney — as part of our overseas move — we have a new bed and mattress.


The last night I spent in our old bed was 10 October 2010. The following day, I flew to the U.S. for the second time in a month, for what was to be my last visit with my father before his death two weeks later.  Clive remained in Australia and did a heroic job of single-handedly clearing our former home. He had only five more nights than I did in our old bed before it went to his daughter, who was pleased to accept it when we offered.

This time of transition in our lives, coupled with our global travel schedule, has made for a lot of sleeping around (for lack of a better term). Borrowed airbeds in Australia and the UK. Hotel beds. The Rental Palace earlier this year. Beds in self-catering cottages. A few blessed weeks in our own bed at the apartment in Paris. Airline seats on overnight long-haul flights.  Our own airbed on top of sixteen book boxes.

Arrival of the new bed

We waited to buy a new bed until we’d completed some work in our bedroom. During that time, we looked at a zillion beds (I never realised how many different types are on the market), did comparison shopping, and finally found a simple style we loved. In the process, we learned an Aussie/US ‘queen’ is a British ‘king’, so we now have a king-size bed. Best of all, the furniture company assembled it on delivery.

Finally, the all-important mattress. We tried many and fortunately we both like them extra-extra-extra firm.  The minute the delivery guys left today, we lay on top of our new possession, despite it still being covered in plastic, and marvelled at how *wonderful* it feels.

Can’t wait for an early night tonight. Or maybe it’s time for a nap right now.


Cheers and sweet dreams to all.

7 Responses

  1. It looks like you will be very happy in your new place–and the matress is just the icing on the cake.

  2. There is no heaven like a comfortable bed.

  3. Hi Carolyn & Clive,
    Yay! Enjoy the good night’s sleep and comfort. It is very important to have a good bed.
    I am just catching up since I arrived via Dulles(just the route; I was returning home) on Friday morning. So, I have some reading to do, not to mention tidying and organisation.

    Cheers to you, my friends. xoxo

  4. Thanks Linda – it’s definitely the icing on the cake, or maybe even the cake!

    MarthaB, you said it PERFECTLY ‘there is no heaven like a comfortable bed’ – should have been the title of this post!

    xpat92 – g’day!! So glad to see you — welcome home to Paris (and to blogs) and hope your travels were wonderful.

    Take care and cheers all.

  5. There’s nothing as good as sleeping in your own bed…with an “extra, extra, extra firm” mattress. Sweet dreams!

  6. Sweet dreams!

  7. Thanks, Mary Kay and Anne! We are loving the new bed.

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