Small in the USA

Clive examines his small drink

Clive (aka British hubby or IT guru) examines his drink at Newark Airport.

I ordered two small soft drinks. When the man behind the counter served them, I exclaimed they were huge. He laughed and pointed to a row of super-humongous cups (buckets?) behind him and said, ‘We have bigger.’

The root beer tasted great, though!


7 Responses

  1. Yeah, I know. One day not too long ago I had lunch at Panda Express in the HUB on campus, and I asked for a medium drink, and they handed me this really large soda. It was probably because their food is so loaded with sodium that they know people will want to drink a lot!

  2. LOL – the look on Clive’s face is you know one reason why so many of us are “super-sized”. John and I will be in NJ too, but not till Christmas time. Give our best to your Mother – I’m sort of assuming that you will be visiting her.

    Martha and John

  3. Eleanor and Martha, thanks for your comments!

    I wonder if these (huge) drink sizes are happening in other parts of the world!?! We just haven’t noticed so much ‘super-sizing’ it in other places.

    Cheers, or maybe that shoud be bottoms up!.

  4. US Rootbeer! Ah, I should’ve told you to bring me back some!

  5. Paul, too right! It’s such a unique flavour and just so good 🙂

  6. That’s the U.S. for you. Serves drinks by the gallon and very few public toilets to relieve the resulting problem.

  7. G’day Bruce and thanks for your comment. It’s true that the one situation leads to the other! At least in U.S. airports you can find decent (usually) restrooms.


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