Honeymoon Lovelock on the Pont des Arts

Lovelock revisited, Pont des Arts, 20 November 2010


Lovers, take heart! For the moment, or at least for the past few months, lovelocks on the Pont des Arts have remained in place.

We were delighted to find our ‘C&C 2010’ lovelock still there. Mostly we’ve been hibernating (it’s our honeymoon, after all), but with Paris outside the window you just can’t stay inside forever.

I hope to post more soon, to share a few more photos from our wedding in Sydney and a few others from our time here in Paris. From the beach to the boulangerie, it’s been a special few weeks.

Our local boulangerie, Paris

Thanks again to everyone who sent us happy wedding wishes.

Cheers for now from Mr. and Mrs. C and C.

5 Responses

  1. Sweet location and some very yummy bread — Passy Passion?

  2. Hello there Mr. and Mrs..

    You must be cuddling up in this early winter weather we’re having… even snow! (Got your email)…
    Glad the locks are still in place and looking forward to seeing your pics.
    Enjoy your quiet time together—

    Hugs, Leesa et Alex

  3. Anne, correct re location 🙂 but I like the baguette (pas trop cuit) and Clive’s crazy about their Tradition!

    Leesa, thanks for the wishes and stay warm! Loved your pics of the Paris SNOW too.


  4. Hello Mr and Mrs .. 🙂 How wonderful to find that your love lock as not disappeared .. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your photos .. keep warm xox

  5. […] 2 ) The first weekend of the month I got to meet some very special people, who graciously met with me on the down-low during their low-key Paris honeymoon trip, in order to […]

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