Joy in the Morning: Ebonie Rosalind

Clive and 15 hour-old Ebonie

I learned of her birth on a Sunday morning in New Jersey, as I held the hand of my dying father.

She was born in Australia at 6:56 pm on Saturday evening, the 16th of October, 2010. Clive had sent me a text message earlier, when her mother’s waters broke and her parents were on their way to the hospital.

Ebonie’s mum and dad have experienced their full share of the ups and downs many young families face during those ever-challenging, exhausting years of raising young children. They, and everyone who loves them, prayed not for a boy or a girl but simply – as most expectant parents do — for a healthy baby.

Ebonie has two older brothers. She has four boy cousins.

As for me, I have a son and a stepson, and my stepson has three beautiful boys of his own.

So, after so many years of boys boys boys everywhere you look, families on both sides are overjoyed at Ebonie’s birth. I cried when I received Clive’s message, and told my father, ‘It’s because it’s happy news.’ In his hospital bed, he nodded and whispered, ‘You’re a grandmother.’ We both smiled and then squeezed each other’s hands.

Her parents chose her first name, Ebonie, because they loved it. They chose her middle name, Rosalind, because that was the name of her maternal grandmother. Rosalind died when her daughter, Ebonie’s mother, was only twelve years old. I’ve seen pictures of her, a beautiful, loving woman whose third daughter is a brilliant mother to her two young sons and now holds in her arms the first baby girl in the family.

Mum and 15 hour-old daughter

Now, only if you would only sleep a little more during the night, Ebonie, and give your hard-working parents some rest.

On a continuing positive note, Clive and I just returned to Manly, our Aussie home base, after a week on the New South Wales Central Coast, getting to know Ebonie and spending time with her adorable brothers.

Grandad and 3-week old granddaughter

It may be a cliché to write about the cycle of life, but that’s what it felt like on that Sunday morning in New Jersey and during these past few weeks in Australia, as I mourn the death of my father and rejoice in the birth of Ebonie Rosalind.

Welcome to the world, little bundle of joy.

Stay tuned for more good news from Sydney in the near future. (Hint: my son is flying in this weekend for a special reason.)

6 Responses

  1. So sorry to hear about you Dad. My father isn’t doing well and I am on my way to see him. I have 8 grandchildren but only one is a girl. What a handfull she is.

  2. congrats Carol and Clive, grandkids are such a joy and so very special. I was a little apprehensive about becoming a grandma, but I thoroughly enjoy both girls!!! Nothing does a heart better than to watch the excitement of a 2 year old jumping up and down just because you have arrived in the car….how can it get any better. Enjoy and now to the job of spoiling them!!!!

  3. Many congrats Carolyn and Clive. She is beautiful..what a treasure!

  4. Congratulations to you both and of course to the parents of little Ebonie… and wow .. first girl for a long long time .. 🙂 xx

  5. Ebonie is beautiful! I love that she’s the precious first girl and am so glad you guys got to go down there to spend some time with them. How beautiful, too, that you got to share the news of her arrival with your father.

    So Gary’s coming soon, hmmmm . . . . !!!!! Awaiting anxiously!

  6. Linda, so good to ‘see’ you again – thanks for your thoughts and all the best with your father’s situation. Wow, seven grandsons for you and one little girl – very similar!

    Kathy, how great to hear you have two granddaughters! yes, the spoiling part should be a lot of fun 🙂

    Martha, thanks so much – she is indeed a treasure.

    Anne, thanks to you, too – we appreciate the congratulations. It’s been so long with boys that we are loving buying little PINK things!

    Kim, it was definitely special to be with Ebonie and her family during this time. (Gary’s now en route …)

    Cheers all.

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