The Dreaded Lurgy


Clive introduced me to the term the dreaded lurgyHe first heard it when he was growing up in England and listened to The Goon Show on British radio. The lurgy is a fictitious, infectious condition or disease.

Despite its unsavoury connotations, I love the word (it rhymes with ‘Fergie’) and think it’s a perfect one to describe whatever bug hit both of us this past week. We’ve spent most of our time curled up in bed or running back and forth to the T-word (see Clive’s guest post for more detail about that).

On top of jet lag, which would have caused us to wake up well before dawn in any case, having the dreaded lurgy ensured we were wide awake to watch Sky UK (manhunt in Northumbria) and SBS (two World Cup semi-finals) on television, seeing these events live while most of Australia was sleeping.

The lurgy had been going around Sydney; a close friend here had it, as did Clive’s son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons before we arrived home. The only thing we were thankful for this past week was that we’re past the age of having young children to parent when we ourselves felt awful.

We’re all better now, tackling the coming-home tasks that await returning travellers. Having diligently kept up with e-mails and personal business while we were away, everything is now backed up and a bit out of control, thanks to the lurgy.

The word just makes me smile. It’s onomatopoeic too: ugh, yucky, lurgy. You have to hear Clive say it in person, with an English accent, of course: the dreaded luuurgy.

I apologise for the unanswered e-mails and lack of blogging and comments in recent days.  I’ll remedy that soon; it’s good to be back online.

Cheers and here’s to your good health, all!

7 Responses

  1. Ooooh, I could have used that word earlier this summer when I mucked through 2 different antibiotics, 2 trips to the doctor while having 3 sets of company. It always seems so nice to think of having an excuse to stay in bed and read a book until it is “the dreaded lurgy” that arrives.

  2. Good luck recovering from the Lurgy and getting all set to rights! I hope it happens fast. I’ve heard it takes a day for every hour of time difference, so, you know — what? You should be recovered some time in the next month? Okay — I hope it is sooner than that. 🙂

    If you have any tips or tricks on how to recover from the Lurgy, I would sure like to know them. It seems to be a similar condition to the Funk, too, a condition with which I am often afflicted. I would love to read what you have learned about the recovery process. 😉

    Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my posts. That is no small feat, lol. So I recognize it and thank you for it.

    BTW — I love this site you have linked:

    It’s, unfortunately, distracting me from writing, lol!! What a great site, though. I know you have linked it before (I think – I know I saw the site and I think it was in relation to one of your posts). Thanks (I think) for putting it here again. 🙂

  3. I am so pleased that you have both recovered from the Lurgy.. I cannot imagine anything worse than being ill together 😦 …. Are you both good patients ? I hope Clive is not like my husband who seems to have anything 100 times worse than me 🙂 .. and yes how blessed not to have young children who need looking after .. I remember those days.

    Take care and look after yourselves , love Anne

  4. So sorry to hear that you have both had the lurgy … not what you needed! hope you will both be on the mend by now, love F&S x

  5. My husband has been really sick with that-if it’s the GI thing going around the world. He has lost about 5 kilos which is a lot. He seems to be back on track now, thank goodness.

  6. Hi Carolyn & Clive,

    I sincerely hope that since the writing of this post that you are both better.That is a terrible 😦

    I know that once better,you both will be enjoying life and getting back to what you both love.I have thought back several times to our meeting in Paris. You will be back and it will be a pleasure to catch up with you.


  7. Thank you, Eleanor, Karin, Anne, Fiona, Linda, and Barbara — your comments were much appreciated.

    Cheers and hope everyone is free of the LURGY.

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