World Cup in Suffolk, England

Holding an England football at ASDA in Ipswich, Suffolk

Suffolk, East Anglia,  England

World Cup fever is going strong in England, as we discovered in person late this afternoon.

Thanks to the Eurostar, we travelled from central Paris to rural Suffolk in just under five hours, giving us time for an afternoon visit with Clive’s father and a little grocery shopping at ASDA  before heading to our rental cottage.

Driving across East Anglia, we listened to BBC Radio 2 (my favourite station in the UK and maybe the world) and heard some great discussions about the infamous vuvuzelas, or horns; there is much controversy here and although everyone seems to agree they won’t be banned this time (unless they’re thrown onto the pitch), opinions vary wildly as to whether or not one should object to them. We heard they will generate over two million pounds in sales.

In the Ipswich area, we passed houses, businesses, and cars all flying the flag of England, and at ASDA, we were tempted to buy a couple of England footballs for Clive’s little grandsons. Common sense prevailed; our luggage is already full and we’ll have to find something smaller to take back to Australia. Even the ice cream aisle is doing its part to stoke World Cup enthusiasm.

ASDA ice cream freezer

Italy vs. Paraguay is on tonight. It’s quite a change to hear announcers with British accents, who seem much calmer than their French counterparts.

Tomorrow we take a few more steps on our new adventure.

Cheers for now and more soon.

5 Responses

  1. I was just in England. What a lot of supporters. Everyone had those Saint George flags on their cars. I hope they do well. My husband tells me France doesn’t have a chance this year.

  2. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the world cup as the rest of the world but in the US, it is not a hit.
    Carolyn, check out tuesday’s post of
    You should be happy about this one.

  3. While there is certainly interest in the United States in the World Cup, I think the passion is saved for NFL and NCAA American style football or perhaps the NBA and March Madness. Nonetheless, over the last few years I have had more students who are fans of the English Premier League. So many kids, both male and female, have played in youth soccer leagues as they were growing up. For example my husband follows Arsenal and my son is a great fan of Manchester United. Today Arsenal’s “Danish Pastry” scored for Denmark to tie the match with Cameroon.

    Perhaps many Penn State students should get one of those horns and blow them in unison just as Ohio State’s quarterback is ready to pass. (Actually the game is in Columbus this year!)


  4. Holy Heck, that is some World Cup fever!! Look at all that stuff! Wow.

    I am amazed and excited that the USA has advanced to the second round game, and AHEAD of England!! How about THAT?!

    I have been having a great time watching games here on TV. The bar downstairs has been hopping, too, whenever there have been games with Portugal and Brazil. I’m having a great time getting into footie with this World Cup.

    I’m personally rooting for the USA at this point, but if England winds up going to the quarter finals instead of us (which they won’t — haha!) then I will root for them. 🙂

    Hope all is well, and BTW, THANK YOU for introducing me to Leesa and her gang! I had a wonderful time meeting them, and it makes me really excited to finally get to meet YOU, too. I think we’ll click as well. 🙂

    Take care, Carolyn!

  5. Thanks, all! Linda — weren’t all the flags amazing!?? Such national support — and now national disgust after they lost!

    Nadege – thanks for the link and your comment – always right on 🙂

    Eleanor, I would LOVE to see/hear the vuvuzelas (sp.) used against OSU – what a BRILLIANT idea.

    Karin – thanks for your knd comment – hope you are still watching — seem to be hordes of Spain and/or Portugal supporters around Trocadero tonight! I’m thrilled you connected with Leesa (and jealous, too) – hope to meet you next time in person myself.

    Cheers all.

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