World Cup at the Eiffel Tower

World Cup screen across from the Eiffel Tower


The French love of football means we (Clive especially, though I enjoy watching with him) have been able to see quite a few World Cup games thus far. I love it when the French commentators get excited; they’re enthusiastic and intense and it’s fun trying to keep up with what they’re saying. You can usually get the gist of it based on what’s happening on the field.

On a quiet Sunday evening walk — stepping out at halftime of the Ghana-Serbia game — we came upon the large screen at Trocadéro, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. It seems a perfect location: plenty of room for people to watch from many angles, great views from the top, by the Palais de Chaillot, and grassy side areas for those who want to sit for a while.  The sound system is excellent, too.

A unique place to watch the World Cup

Along with the usual handful of demonstrations going on at Trocadéro, there was a visible police presence this evening. This seemed to be the reason the Tin Towers People, as Clive calls them, had disappeared. I’d forgotten how pleasant it is to walk around the area without being approached every few steps by these sellers of cheap souvenirs; I wouldn’t mind them being there if they didn’t always do that.

My only complaint about the World Cup is the incessant horns! But it’s hard to mind too much when you see the happy faces of the kids blowing on them. I suppose we could mute the TV, but then we wouldn’t hear the French announcers, either.

Australia vs. Germany tonight!

Cheers to a good game.  We’re off on the Eurostar early tomorrow morning so my next post will be from England. 

3 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh!! I had NOOO idea about this!! How fun that must have been and what a great way to share the day with others… Glad it was fun and have a great time in England!!!
    It was so great to see you both.. Can’t wait til you come back again!
    Hugs to you and Clive!


  2. I saw the set up for this last week and today’s Métro paper had a write up about it. I guess some 5,000 people were there for the France v Uruguay game on Friday night. I think that’s what I read… Anyway, there are a couple of locations to see the game like this: here at the Trocadéro and at the Stade Charlety in the 13th.

    Oh maaaaan, those horns at the games bug me and Paul, too! I can kind of start to tune it out, but ugh. They are not nice. I am glad I am not at an actual game with those things!

    Safe travels to England, Carolyn!

  3. Hi Leesa – it looked like everyone was having a great time there – a very positive ‘vibe’ all around.

    Karin, I agree completely about being glad we’re not at the games in person — on BBC here in England we’ve seen a couple reports of players saying they can’t hear the referee calls, etc. (and spectators say it’s taking away some of the fun of cheering, chanting for one’s own country, etc.)

    Very cool the big screens are available around Paris!


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