A Night at the Ballpark

A hotdog at the ballpark

Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C. USA

Clive experienced his first American professional baseball game this weekend, seeing everything from pre-game warm-ups to mid-inning T-shirt throws to the much-loved Presidents’ Race, which poor Teddy Roosevelt always loses.

We didn’t eat any hotdogs but it wouldn’t have been a baseball game if we hadn’t seen people of all ages enjoying the ballpark food.

Clive said the scoring terms initially seemed foreign to him, just as the cricket vocabulary once did to me. My son helped explain the finer points of this quintessential American sport.

A hot summery night at the ballpark, an enthusiastic crowd, and good fun all around.

Before the game

Cheers and more soon from Paris.

3 Responses

  1. I like the picture of you two before the game. Glad you’re having time for some fun.

  2. How fun!!!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth and Leesa!

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