Downtown Ho-Ho-Kus 2010: Mufson’s a Children’s Clothing Shop

Downtown Ho-Ho-Kus clothing shop where Mufson's used to be

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, USA

About a year ago, in ‘Downtown Ho-Ho-Kus: 1960’s and Today’, I posted a few photos of my home town, including an empty stationery shop where Mufson’s, also known as Andy’s — a favourite newsagent and candy store for legions of Ho-Ho-Kus children and families — once existed.

March 2009, empty stationery shop, downtown Ho-Ho-Kus

I’m pleased to report that today, as per the photo at the top of this post, the site I’ll always think of as Mufson’s is again inhabited, now as a children’s clothing shop.

The rest of the downtown strip along Sheridan Avenue looks good, too.  The basic structure doesn’t seem to have changed much since the 1960s.

Downtown Ho-Ho-Kus postcard, circa 1960's

I thought it was great to see that someone’s making a go if it in the familiar brick building that used to be Mufson’s. Given how wonderful Andy was to all the children of Ho-Ho-Kus, it seems nice that the new business is also dedicated to children and their families.

Downtown Ho-Ho-Kus, May 2010

Cheers and wishing the new business well in downtown Ho-Ho-Kus.

6 Responses

  1. Hi Carol,

    Wow! All those Cokes I drank at Mufson’s!! I wonder if Lorraine Casey still lives in the northern New Jersey area. She was in my class, went to St. Luke’s, and worked at Mufson’s for a number of years. I always enjoyed chatting with her and drinking a Coke, for which I had paid a dime, after I had gone to the Grand Union on an errand for my mother.

    One time my mother was in Mufson’s and she had a Coke; for some reason became distracted and walked out without paying her 10 cents. She was so upset and sent me down with the money when I got home from school. Andy assured me that he knew my mother would remember and give him the money. Ho-Ho-Kus was a nice town to grow up in.


  2. Eleanor, that’s a wonderful story about Andy and the times you spent drinking those 10 cent Cokes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the memory — I don’t think I ever drank many / any? Cokes there, but definitely bought a good amount of candy and comic books!


  3. As always, it’s awesome to read posts about HHK. When I was a kid in HHK, that store was called Steve’s. It was there we bought our packs of Star Wars bubble gum, with the collectible cards inside (if only I still had those cards!). Our HHK/SR soccer jackets were embroidered at the men’s shop, Dad’s Christmas vest often came from there, too. Mom would get some things at the Quality Shop. Our school supplies and inexpensive toys came from Ben’s 5 & 10. And bread and cookies came from the HHK Bakery. ALL within a 5 minute walk from the house. I absolutely, positively LOVED growing up there and I’m thrilled to know that others out there are enjoying memories of their own!!

  4. Amanda, hello again and thanks so much for your comment! Wasn’t that the greatest row of shops … I so appreciate your sharing those wonderful memories.

    (The linked post about Downtown 1960’s and Today also received many wonderful comments and memories.)

    We’ve driven down your old street a few times and it all looks great.

    Cheers and thanks for visitiing — happy Ho-Ho–Kus memories 🙂

  5. Hi there! So happy to come across this. I am the owner of the clothing shop that is where the old stationary store used to be. Loved seeing the old photos! Wonderful post.

  6. Sandy, welcome! and thanks so much for your comment. It’s great to know you’re the owner of the clothing shop!

    I hope you’re enjoying being part of downtown Ho-Ho-Kus and that business is going well. We’ll have to stop by on our next visit 🙂

    Cheers and all the best – thanks again for visiting.

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