Encore Paris

Paris café table


After making it to Paris from Hong Kong; rejoicing in the crisp morning sunshine that greeted us; visiting the local café to catch our breath and make a short shopping list in a little Clairefontaine notebook; purchasing the necessities including the all-important first baguette and pain de campagne … we proceeded to ignore our own jet lag advice (see ‘A Passion for Travel, Part 9: Jet Lag Jambalaya) and — despite the beautiful weather outside — slept the afternoon away.

En route from Hong Kong, we didn’t have a lot of luck in our first attempt to use our travel pillows. Clive found his too bulky at the back of the neck despite my attempts to help him squish it down; I used mine on and off and could never seem to get it to fit just right. And I have the unfortunate ‘Princess and the Pea’ syndrome to certain fabrics and kept having to scratch my neck and hairline — hadn’t thought of that when we bought the pillows. We’re going to give them another go on our flight to the U.S. in a couple days and see if practice makes perfect.

In the meantime, coming from decreasing daylight hours in Australia, what a joy to have it still light out at 9 p.m.!

Tomorrow is another day, and I couldn’t be happier we’ll be spending it here.

Cheers for now from Paris.

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  1. Maybe you could slice along the seam of the pillow and take out enough beans or beads to make it fit more comfy. Glad to hear you made it safely.

  2. And you definitely lucked out with the weather! Enjoy.

  3. Oh sooooo lucky to be in Paris, enjoy 🙂

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth, Anne, and Anne — we are lucky indeed to be here.


  5. We had a client in the store the other day ask where she could buy Clairefontaine notebooks . . . I thought of you! (I suggested Monoprix or BHV, but she didn’t know what either one was. I hope she found some.)

  6. Bienvenue, Bienvenue…

    Don’t you just LOVE when it gets dark later?? When you come back in June for a longer stay… I MUST organize a picnic on the Seine in your and Clive’s honor…
    You’ll LOVE that…

    Have a good time on your journey… See you soon…

  7. Kim, those are two logical suggestions for Clairefontaine — BHV definitely, though I can’t recall finding them at Monoprix (but our local Monoprix is smaller than some). The other places I often have good luck are 1 – your basic neighbourhood librairie/papetrie, often with a stationery section tucked in the back (ahhh, bliss!) and 2 – the sort of really old papetrie/stationery shops, sometimes quite dingy looking but actually filled with many wonderful paper-y treasures,including new/current stashes of little pads and notebooks! And also the more upscale papetries (eg on Blvd. St. Germain) usually deign to have at least a few Clairefontaines amongst their more elite, pricey wares.

    Leesa, you’re so sweet – we would love to join a picnic on the Seine – in our honour is NOT necessary though — just a ‘typical’ Leesa-gathering would be fantastic. We will be in touch soon re the dates and thanks again for the lovely thought!

  8. Not sure what website is to be entered in the reply. Carolyn, I have been enjoying your posts, how that I have signed up for the periodic updates.

    As for the pillows, try turning them around so the bulky part is under the chin, Keeps the head from bobbing when you are lucky enough to snooze.

    Have you heard about the RHS reunion Oct 8-9? Seems some HHK alum want to add another dimension just for us who went there.

  9. Hi Janet! Thanks for your kind comment and what a great idea about the pillows — will give that a try! 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about the RHS reunion — appreciate the info and have contacted the organiser(s). Would be great to see the HHK alums if I could coordinate visits with reunion dates one of these years.

    Cheers and take care.

  10. The RHS reunion website is http://www.rhs70.myevent.com
    and the HHK school facebook page is


    I took the liberty of sharing your HHK info on my page. It is just so comforting to have these great childhood memories to share with fellow HHK’ers. thanks for being a great writer.

    • I don’t recommend facebook to anyone. It has the uncanny ablility to take hours out of your life for no good reason. I have reconnected to alot of HHKers, etc from my past, but there is also alot of stuff cluttering my mind.

      Writing a blog is so much more interesting than facebook.

  11. Janet, thanks for those links – excellent! I appreciate your kind comment and am glad you ‘found’ this blog — I hope to get onto Facebook one of these days, too.


  12. Interesting comment about Facebook, Janet — a number of my friends have told me they have similar mixed feelings about it! I understand how it could consume a lot of time.

    Cheers and thanks.

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