Live from Hong Kong

A very good economy seat

Hong Kong

My Cathay Pacific A330 economy class seat, Sydney to Hong Kong:

  Full personal entertainment on back of every seat 
Laptop power at every seat (green light)
San Miguel beer
Cara Black’s ‘Murder in Belleville’, second in her Paris series

Cathay service lived up to its reputation though there were a few glitches.  We will try out our Aussie airline pillows on the upcoming flight to Paris. (Leesa, they do indeed have little balls inside and seem nice and squishy/comfy!)

Cheers for now and signing off from Hong Kong.

5 Responses

  1. That looks a million times nicer than my trip back to the US will.

    I’m enjoying the journey updates and looking forward to Paris and the pillow reviews.

  2. Hope flight goes well, cannot wait for updates whilst in Paris 🙂

  3. Last time I flew to Australia I got to try out the new A380! Bliss!
    Hope the pillows worked out for you (can’t live without mine) and bienvenue à Paris!

  4. Can’t believe you’re on your way here . . . it seemed quite far away when you told me the dates!

  5. Elizabeth and Anne, thanks for the support — we are looking forward to Paris and also England 🙂 !

    Res, appreciate the welcome! Yes A380s are great — I think it’s the airline that determiines what is or isn’t on the seatback — in any case, what we noticed the most about the A380 was how QUIET it is – aah, if only all planes could be like that, n’est-ce pas!? And great you like your pillow 🙂

    KimB, hope you’re not working too hard and that we will catch you somewhere when we’re back in a few weeks.


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