Aussie Pillow Talk

Aussie air pillows


In just over twelve hours, volcanic ash permitting, we depart for Paris via Hong Kong.

As much international travel as we’ve done, neither Clive nor I has ever used any kind of neck pillow on our travels. I always thought people carrying them looked a bit silly, and wondered about the space the pillows take up in one’s carry-on baggage, even if they’re deflatable. But I noticed quite a few young people carry real bed pillows on long-haul flights, and as I lay awake in Economy class with a stiff neck, I thought those poofy carry-on pillows might be worth a try.

Okay, they were an impulse purchase. I’m not sure we would have bought them if we hadn’t been in a shopping centre and passed a chemist who, for some strange reason, had neck pillows with Autralian place names displayed in the window.

Aussie place names

So here we are, with his and hers. If they give us any measure of comfort, I’ll add them to my ‘Top Ten In-Flight Insights’.

Cheers and if all goes well, my next post will be from our short interval in Paris.

8 Responses

  1. Hahaha! I ALWAYS bring a real pillow with me on a long flight… esp. to the U.S. It’s a “must!!” I love the neck things that have the little tiny fibro-whatever it is balls… that is the MOST comfortable type so if you have a chance – pick one of those puppies up!! It’s worth it!
    Have a great flight…

  2. Hello from Felixstowe! My but it is a small world!!
    Well you know where i will be if you do come over, and yes you should definately move to Felixstowe, i mean whats not to love about it?!
    I just got back from a Weekend away so haven’t been all round your blog yet but i’ll be back to get better aquainted (s?)

  3. Hi there Carolyn & Clive,

    I think that whatever you need for your comfort(and doesn’t way a ton) is a must. Those inflatable pillows are very cool!

    I’am wishing you both safe traveling and luck for squeeking by that errupting volcano.


  4. Hope you both have a good flight.. the pillows looks good, lets hope they do the job.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris too!! 🙂

  5. Hope your time O/S is safe. Give our love to your family Carolyn.

  6. Leesa, thanks and glad to know you’re a pillow-traveler! We are in good company 🙂

    Claire, welcome and thanks for the positive words about Felixstowe — of course we agree what’s not to like!

    Barbara, Anne, and MrsChipnDale, thanks for your good wishes – much appreciated.

    Cheers all.

  7. I bought one of these lovely pillows (not as decorative as yours!) for the flights home – wonderful … so comfy. Hope you have found the benefit in your flight onwards. Safe travel and look forward to seeing you soon, x

  8. Fiona, we have high hopes — great to know you found your pillow comfy 🙂 — we are still sort of getting used to them!

    Cheers and happy travells.

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