Jessica Watson’s Achievement

Jessica Watson's return to Sydney


On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Sydney Harbour, sixteen year-old Jessica Watson sailed across the finish line and completed a solo around-the-world journey.

Jessica’s pink boat is somewhere in the midst of the well-wishers cheering her return to Australia. We watched the excitement from our balcony and are now awaiting her first step onto dry land in front of the Sydney Opera House.  I can only imagine how thrilled her parents will be to have her back, and how her young life will change from that moment on.

Jessica wrote a blog during her trip, and it apparently had a million views per week from over 170 countries.  She’s a wonderful writer.

She can’t yet drive, drink alcohol, or vote, but she is a true Aussie star.

Cheers and well done, Jessica.

2 Responses

  1. I had seen a small piece about her on CNN but somehow had completely missed that she is Australian. What an enterprising young woman!!!

  2. Kim, I agree!

    There is a ton of marketing and sponsorship hype around her journey, but at its heart is a young woman who had a dream and completed an amazing adventure. I hadn’t followed it in detail, but found it very moving yesterday when she returned home to Australia.


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