Felixstowe Meets Palm Beach

Palm Beach, New South Wales


We took English visitors from Felixstowe to Sydney’s Palm Beach on a recent autumn afternoon.

Located at the tip of Sydney’s northern beaches, 41 kilometres from the central business district, Palm Beach is known as a part-time celebrity hideaway and as the fictional ‘Summer Bay’, setting of a long-running Australian TV series, ‘Home and Away’. I have yet to see this show but it seems everyone I’ve met in England knows all about it.

Our lovely friends are experienced world travellers; on this trip, they visited Sydney after San Francisco and before New Zealand and Hong Kong. They were both born and raised in Felixstowe, Clive’s home town on the coast of Suffolk in eastern England. With regard to our upcoming new adventure, I asked them, while we had lunch at a café overlooking the white sands of Palm Beach, if they had ever considered moving away from their place of origin. They considered the question and replied, ‘Not really.’

In ‘Walking in Suffolk, Part 5: Falkenham and Felixstowe Ferry’, I wrote about another Felixstowe resident, Clive’s cousin, who is also a global traveller and has chosen to remain in the place where he grew up.

Perhaps it was a bit of serendipity coming our way, to have visitors from Felixstowe a few days after I posted about our dream of moving there. In any case, we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Fiona and Simon, safe travels and welcome home when you get there.

Felixstowe friends at Palm Beach, Sydney

4 Responses

  1. My brother went to Felixstowe today .. he had to do some business in Ipswich.. so decided to go and he had a long walk too! Enjoyed it 🙂

  2. That’s great about your brother, Anne! Sounds like he made the most of his time there.

    Cheers and happy walking 🙂

  3. Thanks Carolyn, we had a good journey home and have wonderful memories of a great holiday and lovely time with you both.

  4. Fiona, glad you made it and we are excited about seeing you again soon in Felixstowe 🙂

    Cheers for now.

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