Dee Why Discoveries on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dee Why Beach, Sydney


Clive had an appointment a couple days ago in Dee Why, a Sydney suburb about 10 minutes north of us on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Dee Why beach is about 1.2 kilometres long, overlooking the Tasman Sea. As with many Sydney beaches, there’s a lovely grassy area between the road and the beach, shaded by Norfolk pines and set up with picnic tables and play areas. We decided to have lunch there on this warm autumn day; Dee Why beach holds a few special memories for us.

On our third date and first dinner date, Clive took me to Stella Blu, an Italian restaurant facing Dee Why beach. I ordered a prawn dish. Clive says I scraped my bowl and he thought, ‘This woman has a good appetite.’ My recollection is the food was excellent but my mother taught me ‘never scrape your plate’; surely I would not have done that.

A week or two later, on a sparkling Sydney Sunday, we walked from Clive’s place at Queenscliff,  another of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to Dee Why, along a 5-kilometre coastal path on which you get amazing views, never set foot on asphalt or a road, and would never imagine you’re within minutes of a busy world-class city.

Every Couple Has a Story

I think every couple has a story: how they met (I’ve written about our meeting here) and then, certain special days in the ‘early relationship’ stage. There are times together that become part of a couple’s history, such as ‘the day we went to (insert memorable destination)’ or ‘the day you told me about (insert important topic)’.

Early in our relationship, on that sunny Sunday afternoon at Dee Why, I told Clive something important about my situation and later, back at his place, he told me something important about his. The details don’t matter so much for this post; the important thing is we’ll both always think of that day at Dee Why as one of those memorable times when our relationship deepened because we shared something special, and private, with each other.

Dee Why Beach, Sydney

Cheers and if you ever visit Sydney, I hope you’ll also have a chance to see one or more of the Northern Beaches.   Clive nicknamed this area ‘God’s Country’ and I think it’s an apt description.  You can walk out onto the headland at Long Reef, have a snack or a meal at one of the cafés across the street, or bring your own esky (cooler) and just relax on the beach.

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  1. Soooooo beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Nadege!

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