Stuff and Writing, Continued


Our U.S. family is enduring another blizzard across the Northeast and our England family tells us of bitter cold temperatures in Suffolk.

While my favourite Paris bloggers write of long, grey days in the City of Light, Clive and I continue our Sydney summer project: to rationalise the stuff in our lives, or more specifically, in our apartment.

As I wrote about in A Scenic Tip Down Under, we have become regulars at the KimBriki Tip. That’s not all.

Additional progress has been made taking books we no longer need, along with old clothing, to an organisation called Lifeline, one of many Australian charities from which we can choose. We have not stopped books coming in – pas possible! – but are making a sincere effort to reduce that number until we’ve made a dent in our ‘to read’ piles.

We’ve also sold our first item on e-Bay (Phil, if you’re reading this, we now understand what you’ve been talking about in recent years!). It’s an entire new world of stuff moving around, being recycled, and even better, buyers not only pay for stuff, but also, when the stuff is large, they pick it up and take it away! As the Aussies say, how good’s that?

Time for Writing

As always, finding time for writing (and blogging) can be a challenge, as all writers know. I’m halfway into an online writing course that includes weekly assignments, critiques of fellow classmates’ work, and two chapter-length submissions. It’s been an amazing and inspiring experience and while it doesn’t leave much time for blogging, I hope the results will strengthen the quality of my posts here as well.

Our thoughts have also been turning to the need to begin planning our next trip overseas to reconnect in person with our faraway family. Soon we will go into ‘trip mode’ which I wrote about in detail in my Passion for Travel Series.

Cheers and to everyone in the northern hemisphere, stay warm!

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn ..good to see you back here. I know all about Ebay from my brother..He buys and sells all the time, all over the UK. he is always saying..put it on Ebay..!!

    I love your pictures..did you do them..if so how?

    Oh yes freezing here, yesterday we had snow again, it settled but gone now. OMG yes how America has been hit..soo bad.

    Take care and hope to see you again this year 🙂

  2. I’ve been missing you and it’s good to hear an update. You sound mega busy. Will you be posting any before and after pictures?

    I’m giving serious thought to moving some of my things on through Ebay too. You know me though … I hate reading the directions and there’s so much else to occupy my time right now. My room is quickly moving towards the finish line and John thinks he may finish his part this week.

    I can’t wait to settle in although like you, I think I may have to do some more culling of my books and belongs. Any Ebay tips you wish to share would be welcome.

  3. Hi Carol,

    You have really settled into a real “clean up.” I took a bunch of books to the AAUW (American Association of University Women) book sale over break. This is a huge sale that occurs every year during May, and is so large that it requires them to use the agricultural arena on the Penn State campus.

    We have had some snow: 14 inches over the weekend and about 8 yesterday, but no cancellations of Penn State classes to this point–much to the dismay of students I might add.

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your on-line writing course. When I teach on-line, I think it is hard to get people to provide constructive comments about the on-line rough draft postings. Sometimes they are too willing to say, oh that’s great, when it really isn’t.

  4. Hey there! Or should I say, “Good’ay!”

    All is well here except for (as you know) sub freezing temps and SNOW all over the place… It seems to melt (or go away faster) in Paris than where we are in the banlieu!! I’m not good at walking on the snow as it becomes icy, though!! Dangerous!!

    Glad to hear you’re going to go on “travel mood” again soon.. Hopefully, you’ll be here when spring sets in and that since we had a LONG, FREEZING and VERY GRAY winter here.. we’ll have a pleasant, no delightful, sping!!!
    Take care and hope to see you if you come out our way!

  5. G’day Carolyn 🙂

    It’s so nice to see your post. I’am of the opinion that everyone has his/her life with it’s demands. So blogging can sometimes take a backseat ( same here).

    Good for you- Progress in your clean-up plan !! I’m proud of you both . That is yet another pccupation, hauling goods to charity or putting others on e bay, and following up each day.
    And your writing class sounds great, but yes, it’s work. Practice makes perfect.

    Oh yes… winter has been very cold and long. More snow this past week and cold too. Vive le Printemps !!

    Big hugs to you both XX

  6. EBay . . .i logged on there once, and it was way too complicated for me to figure out. When leaving DC, I went Craigslist all the way (plus I think I gave away a couple of things on Freecycle). I have been looking for stuff on Craigslist here in Paris for the past couple of years but it’s just not used even a fraction as much here as in the States. And most of the people on are expats.

    Glad your writing class is going well, I know you’re doing good stuff!

  7. Hi all — Anne, all graphics done by Clive using publicly available images and customised for me – aren’t I lucky!?! Elizabeth, e-bay is an entire sub-culture — am sure you’d have no trouble with it, though.

    Eleanor and Leesa, stay warm in the snow, and Barbara, thanks for your great understanding and definitely vive le printemps!! 🙂

    KimB, good luck with Craigslist, too — I know it’s huge in D.C. but not sure where else … eBay is big in Australia but Clive is the family expert.

    Cheers all and take care.

  8. We’re doing the same thing in reverse … planning for Brisbane and Cairns in August. That’s two cities I haven’t seen; Sydney and Adelaide are most usual.

    We haven’t been anywhere since Christmas, but now we’ve got the notes, blogs videos and pictures from last year just about sorted out we’re on the move again; planning on Amsterdam in a couple of weeks; Maastrcht in July, and in between … who knows?

  9. Hi Carolyn….

    We’re now into April…. and it’s still GRAY, COLD and rainy here in the Paris area… SOOOOO depressing!!! I WANT SPRING, already!!! I tell ya.. this is one thing that makes living here VERY difficult for me… I”m used to Sydney weather… as So. Cal has always been know for clear blue sunny skies and hot weather!!! All of my friends in SD and LA are saying 25- 28 degrees right now.. and we’re still at 9 – 14C here… It feels even colder when mixed with the gray/rain/wind!! I’m glad you are having nice weather…
    Congrats on your Ebay sale!! Hope you guys make it over here when it’s warmer!!
    Hugs to you and Clive…

  10. THanks Leesa — hang in there for the warmth and sunshine (you are a ray of sunshine yourself!) and hope to see you next visit.


  11. Hi Carolyn…

    Thanks! Today is absolutely GORGEOUS and I’ve been inside until now..
    Working at 3:30 so I’m leaving now to enjoy some sun!

    Take care,

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